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The Nocta Mori

It's where those fucking monsters come from, horrifying bestial things that have no love for life or joy. The Baronies in their domains are braver than us. 
  • A Varne monster hunter explains the Nocta Mori to tourists.
  The Nocta Mori is the material plane name for the plane of fear and nightmares. The energy of the Nocta Mori permeates Kaechaek due to the eternal war between the plane of nightmares and their sworn natural enemies, the Quori.  Land permeated by the Nocta Mori takes on a darker hue and works to effect the emotions of those who reside within, whether it be visitors or residents.  Though, to call the Nocta Mori 'villains' in their battle with the Quori is a gross oversimplification of the conflict as the plane, with each piece of dread and terror, has also introduced alertness, magic and a new sentient creature forever tethered to Kaechaek that are known as Nightmares .

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