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Of course we don't understand your technology, of course we stay 'behind the times'. If progress looks like your people then I would sooner do nothing.
Aberon is the capital of Vallea and a key symbol of their culture, progress and successes. Primarily a port and dock city, Aberon has the only skyport in the nation and is the city all skyships must stay in if they are visiting the nation. This city also acts as the home to the Monarchy of Vallea and is where the Inquisitors are trained and found in their largest numbers, notably, this is due to the need for wizards and other spellcasters to be watched and marked throughout.The capital of Vallea.   Aberon is a peaceful city for the most part though they are constantly shoring up their defences against the monsters that emerge from the Evergreen forests to assault the space. The main faction set up to deal with these monster threats are a faction known as 'The Order of the Crossed Bows' an offshoot and trainees of The Varne Academies  Aberon is a deeply colorful city filled with steam power, controlled magic and a complete lack of runic energy. Not just the people but also the architecture of the city is a thing of music, colour and joy.         Due to being the capital, Aberon offers a wide variety of smiths, alchemists, magic item dealers and taverns as well as other more mundane spaces such as pawn shops, tailors/clothiers as well as the palace of Vallea and the sky port that connects Vallea to the rest of Namarie.   There are three blacksmiths worth mentioning to the players, 1 full alchemist and a tavern that sells potions, 3 magic item shops worth mentioning and 4 taverns including the alchemy bar.


The city is ruled by the Vallean monarchy who work with various court representatives on the day to day running of the city and country as a whole. The Vallean monarchy interact in many ways with the people of Aberon who then filter out their requests and rulings to the rest of the country.


Aberon is a walled city, built to last and built to defend against the monstrous threats outside of their walls.    They also make use of powerful defensive artillery and warmages to defend themselves at range.


Aberon is a well equipped city that benefits from their deep and healthy trade relations. Their own magical weapons and armour are famed for their resilience and subtlety whilst their soldiers and Inquisitors are deeply talented.

Guilds and Factions

  • The Inquisitors of Vallea are trained and recruited here. 
  • The order of the Crossed Bows handle defence from monsters
  • The Woven Providence are always there in one manner or another.
Alternative Name(s)
The Capital
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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