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Introduction to Nailara


Nailara is a fantasy world filled with all of the classic fantasy creatures - elves, dwarves, trolls, dragons and more. I genuinely love the fantasy genre, and I am very attached to all the critters people have come up with in mythology and tabletop RPGs. In writing this setting, I want to embrace those creations while spinning them in a refreshing way that does away with some of the less comfortable things in the genre. Let's face it, a lot of those stories are old, and have concepts that can be problematic.   The setting is one where magic is still wondrous and unknown to most, and gods roam the world. Whether it is the water spirit that dwells in a countryside lake, or the demon lords that fight for dominance in the Abyss, these gods have their own goals and desires beyond simply amassing followers.  

Stories I Love To Tell

From the above, you may have figured it out - I love telling stories about complex or flawed characters. Schemers, plotters, and intelligent characters with layered motivations are what truly interests me about tabletop roleplaying and world-building. Zealots and brutes that wear their hearts on their sleeves are generally less interesting to me.   This setting is one where the only true protagonists are the player characters - friendly characters have no guarantees that they are heroic, or good people. There is no innate good or evil, only motivations. I do away with the alignment system entirely when writing for this setting.  

Where to Start

As this is a setting for D&D campaigns that I run, details vary from hyper specific to somewhat vague depending on what I think my players will interact with in a campaign. Because of this, there is no specific big line of events that's leading to a conclusion. The wiki is written from the point of view of historians of the world - they have public knowledge, but rarely the full story!   If you don't want to just wander through the setting pages, you can also read campaign episode summaries. They will often reveal some extra details that the wiki might not contain - secrets that are only unlocked by playing, or running a game in the setting.   If you'd like to run a campaign in the setting, feel free to ask for access, and you can view the DM notes in the same wiki.   Below are some of the key concepts of the setting, and links to other useful information!  

Favorite Articles

  Here are some of my favorite articles of the setting, and good places to jump in and learn a bit more!   Kobolds in my setting are less dragon worshipping than other settings. Instead, I leaned very heavily into the commune lifestyle. They have close bonds with Halflings, who they helped in a war.   The Ash is the result of one of the world's worst cataclysms. Once one of the greatest human empires in the world, lasting for more than 1800 years, it was destroyed overnight and its inhabitants replaced with undead.   Feyfolk are all manner of humanoids that appear similar to animals. They were created by an ancient one, and primarily live in a vast forest in the center of the continent.   Bocrae is one of the oldest still standing human nations, built upon the ruins of the last. It is struggling with keeping itself together after the loss of a civil war some 50 years back.

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