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The Ruins

Purpose / Function

The building that would one day become the Ruins was once a botanical laboratory and greenhouse, with a vault where seeds were stored in case of catastrophe. Well, catastrophe did happen, in 2097 when the Stenza army landed in force and conquered them. Natives were unable to defend themselves, and were instead enslaved and forced into designing weapons. Many early designs were faulty, as these were botanists and not engineers, but ultimately a prototype Infantry Drone was successfully developed, as well as a cloth weapon which could strangle the wounded. The locals realized what was going on, and began to develop a plan, leaving a message on the floor for posterity and hiding it under a rug, planning the destruction of their work as it was coming together.   The Stenza began to catch on, as well, and increased the strictness of their monitoring and use of violence to "control" their captives. This back-and-forth boiled over into open conflict when the scientists decided to act, destroying their work as much as possible. The conflict resulted in, among other things, contamination of the water supply. Following their victory but left with a destroyed planet as a prize, the Stenza moved on.   The Ruins served as a stop in one of Ilin's galactic rallies, where it was revealed that the Infantry Drones and cloth remnants are still active.
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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