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Talon Crab

Talon crabs are large crabs that live around the coast of the southern golden sea. They are farmed and hunted in great numbers due to their enormous worth and potential. These peculiar crabs are thought to be a product of the discrepancy, although they are not outrageously weird and impossible, they do have some aspects that point to a Fount origin.    


The Talon Crab is a large crab with long spider-like legs. The creature has a small body compared to its leg size. Instead o pincers, it has large spikes with which it catches its prey. The hard outer shell of the creature is usually a shade of purple or blue and is used in a few different types of recreational drugs and medicine. Its meat is also quite tasty and can fetch you a good price. But its most important and valuable asset is its lime-green blood. The blood has extreme antibiotic properties, making it a valuable resource in the making of medicine.    


Most Talon Crabs are harvested or hunted in the settlement of Koriidan. From there, they are either shipped out or processed immediately. There are a few processing facilities in the town itself, where they drain the blood of the crabs, dry the shells, and cook the meat. But most get shipped off to be processed somewhere else. The lime-green blood usually gets harvested in large facilities where they hook a bunch of crabs up to a pump. They get bled until the last drop, which does not do well for the meat. This is why a good Talon crab is so expensive to eat, it has to still have its blood. Otherwise, it doesn't taste as good.

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