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Koriidan is a port town located in the United clans of Ell'fyca. More specifically in clan Northir. It is not a small town, with a population that does not mostly comprise of Wood-Malen, but most of the other species that find work here. The town is known for its large export of Talon Crab, a valuable resource that is used in a lot of medicine. They fish this crab on a large scale and make much of their income from the fishing of this creature.    


The town is located on an island just off the coast. It's mostly repurposed from the Hearth-Malen outpost that first stood there. It is surrounded by a large wall that also closes the bay where they keep their ships. The surrounding waters are ripe for fishing and they eagerly make use of this. However, they do make sure not to exhaust the seas for they are their main source of income.


They catch a lot of fish in Koriidan. But there is one important type of sea fruit that they are widely known for and that marks most of their income. This species is the Talon Crab. Its blood is used in a lot of medicine, while some of its shell is used in a few different drugs. Its meat is, if you like crab, quite tasty, making this creature one of the most valuable things that swim in the waters around Koriidan.

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