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Undeadly Green

Transmission & Vectors

The disease remains contagious all throughout the infection process, and is spread through blood and saliva of an infected person.


Fevers, fatigue, irritability, and seizures are all common symptoms in the earlier stages.   After some time scarring occurs, especially prevalent at the infection sight. The scarring will continuously deteriorate, necrotising the flesh until all that’s left is a sickly green goop. Even the blood will start to turn that colour.   If the victim is unable to be cured, it will cause death as organs begin to shut down.   After dying, the corpse will more often than not reanimate, creating a mindless zombie.   Aside for irritability, the sickness seems to put victims into a trance of sorts, causing them to become very violent and attack without provocation. Many often also experience an increase in paranoia.


The only known effective cure is to amputate an infected limb before the scarring starts. But it only works on limbs.   Sometimes, the body will just expel the infected goop before reaching total death, leading some to believe that willpower may be able to help fight it.


Gross, scar, failure, death, zombie.   Provided that the person isn’t cured, there’s 5 different stages of the sickness. The first involves generally becoming sick. The second stage is when damage to the body starts up, with scars that can’t heal and the body slowly turning to mush from the inside out. The third stage is when the body starts shutting down, going into total organ failure, which will ultimately lead to the fourth stage of death. The fifth stage is when the corpse becomes undead, the soul is forever lost.


If it’s able to be cured, the immune system is significantly weakened. Infections are more likely to occur even in minor cuts. Most folks who contract the sickness also develop epilepsy, if they get to the point of scarring.

Affected Groups

Although it’s still new and not much data has been created, it looks as if there’s not much difference in the affection rate between sexes, genetic predisposition, age, etc.. The only visible difference in infection is by race, with ivierae most likely to catch it and die, and non demonic species are somewhat likely to catch it, but still recover before total organ failure.


Avoiding contact with an infected person is the best method. If you have to get close to them, as long you keep any wounds covered and avoid touching your face until vigorously washing your body with purified water you should be fine.


Undeadly Green is a very new sickness, so not much is known about it. It only started occurring after the serial murderer started targeting humans and high elves.

Cultural Reception

Because the sickness seems to only mentally affect ivierae, it’s led racist folk to think that ivierae were the cause of the disease, further increasing division when slow progress was getting done to make amends.
Affected Species

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