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The trouble of succession

The time that would end up being known as The trouble of succession was a week of tension following the siege of Hibernia were Emperor Zane Astalles  would end up being gravely wounded by a stray arrow when he alongside his bodyguards landed on the walls of the city, jumping from the half-lowered ramp of one of the siege towers.   The trouble began when Emperor Zane died as a result of his wound, leaving no clear heir to succeed him. The only clear successor seen by many seemed to be malthin, the uncle of Zane. There were also some rumours going around the different loyalist camps that just before he died, Zane had called for Malthin  and handed over the throne to him. While the majority of the loyalist side would swear loyalty to Malthin, a few legions refused to swear loyalty.

The Conflict


Having tried to negotiate over two days with the legions that refused to swear loyalty to Malthin, the two sides lined up for battle outside the city they had just conquered.

The Engagement

With the sound of horns and drums, the two sides began to march towards each other. Shortly after, the two sides clashed in a clash that many scholars have since called the best acting done by soldiers of all time because it was clear that none of the sides wanted the battle but only did it because refusing it would dishonour the side that refused. After a quick exchange of blows, they Retreat to their camp, after which the Legatus Legionis would call for surrender with honours.   Many scholars have later concluded that the rogue legions only lined up for battle to preserve their honour. The scholars believe that many of them were beginning to harbour doubt about their actions.
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