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On the central plains of the Principality on the shores of the Munlam River, lies the capital of one of the proudest nations in Mirateia, Bardines are the capital city of the Principality of Clifia, it dates back to the year 537 when the ruler of the Principality decided that the country needed a new and more modern capital.


Most of the races that call the Principality of Clifia their home have a presence in Bardines, even then elves and humans make only a small part of the population in the city, this is mostly a result of them being viewed with mistrust.


Bardines are ruled by a council made out of nobles and the leaders from the most prominent guild leaders.   Anyone caught breaking the law were apprehended and punished, either by the city watch. Typically, the punishment would fit the crime. Crimes, such as violence or thievery, would result in a public whipping or removal of a finger. Disturbing the peace led to public shaming by a night in the stocks.


Given that the surrounding terrain is relatively flat, the city is protected by several layers of defence, beginning with small garrisons around the city and watchtowers between them and the city wall.

Industry & Trade

Imports: Timer, metals, fruits, vegetables, wine.     Exports: fine ale, fine cloth, fish, leather, pottery, processed metals.   One could find almost anything in Bardines if willing to pay for it.


Valuables said to be in the city includes:   The Peace treaty of 1125   The sword of the 5th High Prince   The Book of Selûne (not confirmed, most think its a rumour)

Guilds and Factions

The adventure guilds   Trade guilds   Farm guilds   The trade and farm guilds have the most power of the guilds, the nobles and High Prince have long tried to minimize their power but only after a minor uprising some hundred years ago came both sides to a balance where the guilds were allowed a seat in the council and the High Prince would get a percentage of their profit in return. this has to lead to Bardines having some of the largest and most grandiose buildings in Mirateia.


Bardines was founded in 537 when the Grand Prince at the time decided that the capital at the time was not suited as a seat of power anymore, so after a convenient fire that destroyed most of the older parts of the city, the Grand Prince announced that a new capital would be built.
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Because Bardines are one of the older capitals that have not been burned down and rebuilt several times after the capital was moved to where it is now it has not experienced any major fires unlike some of the other capital cities.   the older buildings in the city have merged into new ones or rebuilt, one could also find byways leftover from ancient times, rooms or structures that have been walled in and forgotten about.


Relative flat area with a river running next to the city.

Natural Resources

Bardines is located in a very fertile farming area.
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