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Cétea prison

The Cétea prison is one of the largest prisons in the Principality of Clifia and is located half a days travel from the capital.    The prison was constructed outside the city because at the time there was not enough space in the city to build or expand the prisons already there.    For most of its existence it worked as planned, it received the dangerous criminals and later on also the more common ones, the more common prisoners would be used to look after the fields in the local area and the prison maintained a steady income from the farmers when they requested aid in the form of workers from the prison.    in the year 900, the prison would receive a new warden and this warden would turn out to be the prisons doom, the warden was a veteran from one of the earlier wars and had during these wars been in command of the intelligence gathering for the Clifian army. Now warden of a prison housing some of the most dangerous criminals in Clifia, forms of torture and other means of entertainment as they called it was now being introduced and after decades with this, it was now also introduced to the more common prisoners and many of these prisoners began to resist the guards now that they were treated almost worse than scum.   
"Those new guards treat us worse than we treat the sewer rats in our cages.
  • random prisoner.
  •   This treatment of the prisoners would in 928 results in the largest prison uprising ever in the history of the prison and with the help of some of the farmers who sympathized with the prisoners over their treatment had supplied the prisoners with weapons in the shape of knives and daggers.   Many of the prisoners would be able to escape and would form gangs that would roam around Clifia making trouble for the government but would have the populations support, some of the gangs would even receive support from the Empire of Dercia during the wars and afterwards.

    Purpose / Function

    The purpose of the Cétea prison was to house some of the most dangerous criminals captured in the capital.   Later on, the prison would build buildings to house some of the more common criminals after new laws in the capital was passed and the existing prisons got filled up   Here the more common prisoners would be put to maintain some of the fields in the area and farmers could contact the prison if they needed extra hands on their farm, and then the prison would send the requested amount to the farmer under heavy escort and the farmer would only have to pay a fraction of the normal salary and provide the meals for the guards.


    Other than maintenance, not much have been done to the main building.  several new buildings were built surrounding the main building.


    Walls and other means of defence were surrounding the prison, there were guard towers every 50 meters on the wall each equipped with crossbows.
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    The hotel
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