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Diana Theatre

The Diana Theatre was constructed at some point, likely shortly after the new capital of the Principality of Clifia was constructed.   The story goes that the theatre was constructed by a rich young widow that had lost her husband and two sons in one of the expansion wars that Clifia was involved in during the period. And as an attempt to make sure that entire families didn't die out because of the wars, she campaigned for a law that would prevent all the male members of the family to be sent to the wars, after a couple of years of campaigning she gained the support of some of the noble houses who had also lost several male members to the wars, because of her the law was implemented and when she died decades later still as a widow, a new theatre was named in memory of her.

Purpose / Function

The purpose of the Diana Theatre is to provide the citizens of Clifia with entertainment and is also from time to time used to inform the citizens about events taking place or to give a large amount of people information fast.


Have been extended several times over the years together with a few restorations where the architecture have been changed according to the style in fashion at the time.


The Diana Theatre is constructed with the scene in the middle with the seating forming a half-circle around the scene, the seating goes up step by step and in the case of Diana Theatre is supported by earth underneath hold up by a wall forming the edge of the theatre.   Underneath the theatre, there is a massive cellar that contains the equipment to lift scenes to the scene and to reach some of the equipment the workers have to climb on tall ladders to reach it.


The Diana Theatre was the place in Bardines where the place where the population was informed about the start and ending of the The war of Western expansion.
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