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Grand Prince Niko II

Prince Niko Sakis Zervakis

Grand Prince Niko II is the current monarch of the Principality of Clifia and has ruled the Principality for nearly 60 years.   The Prince was named after a legendary mythical ruler of the early Principality, and it said that the reason given for the name was that it was hoped that the reign of the future Grand Prince would be one that future generations would tell stories about.

Early childhood

Nikos's early childhood consisted of the typical royal upbringing with days spent with a teacher, teaching him the history of Mirateia and, most importantly, the history of the Principality and the future he would lead it to. On other days, the prince would spend time with teachers who would teach him the proper use of multiple weapons, strategies, and tactics. From an early age, Nico showed that he had the potential to be a great military leader for the Principality.  

Teenage years

After his parents were killed when Niko were 15, and the young prince took the title of Grand Prince, he began to search for his parent's killers. As it had typically been previous, whenever a catastrophe hit the Principality, the elves were given the blame. It was the same this time as the young Grand Prince was convinced that a group of elves along the border to Grand Duchy of Ved , and he quickly dispatched unites with the purpose of either killing the group of elves or bring them back to the capital of Bardines where he could question them.  


For most of his adult life, Niko has sought a reason to go to war with some of the weaker states along the eastern border. However, the defeat of the Clifian army during The war of Western expansion is still fresh in many minds as generations have told the stories of the defeat to their kids, Niko made it's his mission to restore the pride of the Clifians in their armed forces so that once his daughter was old enough to take the throne, she could use the forces to either expand eastward or remove the mark of shame of Clifia by invading and winning a war against the Empire of Dercia.


Grand Prince Niko took the throne in 1225 after his parents were killed in an ambush by even to this day unknown assassins.
Current Location
Date of Birth
23 of Fira
Year of Birth
1210 IC 75 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations


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