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Visinfeld Village

Visinfeld Village is an imaginary world dreamt by David when he was struck with a powerful blow from an enderman, causing him to go into a coma for two weeks. When he initially arrived at Visinfeld, he had amnesia and couldn't remember anything from before aside from his name. He encountered the village's inhabitants and grew especially close with one of the town's tree cutters-Amy. He was taken in and treated as family by Harold and Mandy, two married villagers who wanted children of their own.   David used his combat capabilities to defend the village from a raid by monsters from the forest, drawing the attention of the Children of the Nightmare. While David was adapting to his new life, he was interested in learning about Visinfeld, and so he begun to read the books from the local library, only to discover an unfinished page and some time after discovered the existence of ruins beneath the village. It is there that he finds out that Visinfeld is a land formed by the one who is trapped in an endless sleep. He learned of a foreseen prophecy known as the Dreamer Prophecy that says that Visinfeld would cease to exist upon the awakening of the one trapped in nightmare, which he realized could only be himself.   After great shock and distress as he tries to take Amy and flee Visinfeld, only to wind up back in the village by the fog that surrounds the village, David resigns and initially intends to never wake himself up. The following night is when the monsters of the night begin their next raid, of which David is able to defend the village against as he learns of the Children of the Nightmare.   As his memories return to him, it becomes apparent that he has little choice but to stop the Children of the Nightmare, as they would not stop the raids against Visinfeld until the village was destroyed and all the inhabitants were dead. David worked to train the villagers to be able to defend themselves, and when the night came for the Children of the Night to reveal themselves once again, David and the villagers fought back with all they had. It was during the battle that the Children manifested into the forms of that David was terrified of, from his fear of water monsters to his fear of becoming Lucian. Upon the defeat of the Children of the Nightmare, Visinfeld was saved, and he soon awoke. The village ceased to exist upon David's return to the waking world of Minecraftia.


No defenses from the outside world aside from the doors on their homes.




A vast majority of the structure design of Visinfeld is built from wood, due to the easy access to lumber from the neighboring forest.


The traversable land around the village includes a plains biome, a mountain biome, two forest biomes, a snow biome, and an ocean biome.

Natural Resources

Visinfeld is rich in lumber and coal ore.
The dreamscape that Visinfeld is located within has a map size of twenty-four chunks. The border of the dreamscape has a fog that enshrouds those who attempt to leave the rendered land and redirects them to the village.
Location under

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