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Goddess of Love

Aria is one of the many deities of Minecraftia. Notch placed her in charge of determining who can fall in love with who. As such, she decides who has natural chemistry with each other. She's one of the few Divines that regularly mingles with mortals, albeit disguised in almost all instances. She's also one of few Divines that on rare occasions will spawn children with mortals. She chose rabbits as her sacred animals.

Divine Domains

Love, procreation, romantic union, emotions, songs, and spring.

Tenets of Faith

Followers of Aria recognize the value of loving those around you and go out of their way to form kinship with others. Many also have a passion for music, and will host musical festivals to honor the goddess, of which she occasionally joins in disguise.


The day of Karlek is considered by many cultures to be a day of love among Minecraftians. It found its origins as a day to worship the goddess.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To spread love across the world; to spread her songs.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Has the responsibility of determining the set of people every individual has romantic compatibility with. If she has a strong disdain for an individual, she will include many potentially abusive partners. She also monitors the algorithm that determines what traits offspring of couples will have. She, like many deities, has the ability to alter her physical appearance, though the form she prefers to present herself as is shown off in the image above the content panel. Due to her unique nature as the Goddess of Conception, she is able to spawn children with not just men, but women as well.

Apparel & Accessories

Often wears a floral wreathe atop her head.

Specialized Equipment

Her divine form contains a headphone with a mic where she can listen to music as she sings.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Although she identifies primarily as a woman, she doesn't bind herself to one specific gender. Has been known to on a few occasions portray herself as a male and enter relationships with women.



Morality & Philosophy

Tends to think about the consequences of her actions before she decides on a couple that could bring disaster, although if she really likes the concept, she will do it anyways.

Personality Characteristics


To have a good time.

Likes & Dislikes

Loves watching unlikely people fall in love; Will occasionally appear as a mortal to sing among singers; Also loves to appear before mortal men and women as people they've fallen in love with to cause them to fumble. Has a disdain for the unfaithful, especially if she really liked the couple prior to the cheating.


Family Ties

Is the older sister of Venge, the god of violence.

Hobbies & Pets

Singing is her everything.
Divine Classification
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Bringer of Romance and Conception
Year of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
A woman that had caught Notch's attention due to her loving nature lost the will to live after having her heart broken. As she perished, Notch took pity on her and turned her into a deity. Aria was born.
Quotes & Catchphrases
Love is the ultimate motivator. It can push one to great lengths to be with the person they desire. I find the concept wonderful, and it's always heartwarming to see a hero who is set on changing fate to save the one they love!
— Aria's internal thoughts towards Senza.
Singing is just so beautiful! I love to convey my emotions through song as pure emotional force.
Character Prototype
Aphrodite from Greek mythos.

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Master Watchman Deedly
Watchman Deedly
17 May, 2022 01:14

Her motivation is pretty sound. I, too, like to have a good time.

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