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Oceania is a habitable ocean world, colonised by the United Nations of Earth in 2332 CE. The planet has a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere breathable by most sapient species, and a sizable hydrosphere, with water covering over ninety percent of the surface. The planet has one satellite, the barren moon of Iresta IIIa, which causes a tidal effect on the ocean world. Currently, Oceania has a population of 28 million. The majority of the population live in the only major city of Sea City, but several million inhabitants also live on outlying islands and archipelagos. The planet's primary industry is entertainment, but also exports food and provides opportunities for research.

The planet was considered by many within the United Nations of Earth to be a fairly uneventful world, and as such, received far fewer Human applicants to the colonist program than other worlds. However, many non-Human applicants applied instead, especially Scyldari. Due to this, Humans are only a plurality on Oceania, a notable statistic for an otherwise fairly unremarkable world. Due to the large number of species present on the planet, it is culturally more xenophilic, even when compared to the rest of the United Nations of Earth.

The planet's biosphere is stable, and does not have any evidence of prior habitation by sapient species. The planet does exhibit some aquatic megafauna, both carnivorous and herbivorous. There are also a number of non-sapient land-based species, including mammalians and reptilians, but no species on the planet exhibits indicators of pre-sapient intelligence.
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