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For WorldEmber 2022, my primary focus will be the Valley of Plenty. Due to a collapsed PF2 campaign that I was in, I really want to work on PF2 again. The Kingmaker release also gives a lot of inspiration there. So I want to continue my work on the setting, to prepare for offering both short and longer campaigns in it.   I've decided to overhaul the original concept, as I realised it was too free and would require too much worldbuilding to support that. Plus I miss dungeon crawls, so having areas that are worth re-exploring would be real nice to develop. So I want to first focus on the different areas and factions in the Valley.   For the areas, I can draw inspiration from Mapvember, having Mapvember entries describe a few places, then write more content on those to explain where those areas could fit into the greater picture. As for factions, I can connect those to the different areas of the Valley. This lets me flesh out the ulterior motives and how the valley plays a role in the bigger metaplots.   By covering various factions and areas, I already will have enough material for some games, both single-session adventures and more detailed crawls with camping and whatnot.
Primary World
Valley of Plenty
Primary Inspiration
Mapvember 2022
20.000 Words
Initial categories have been made. Geographically they split the Valley into parts: The High Plain where everything starts, the southern hills which are easily accessible, and the various wild areas. Each area and already-planned settlement starts with a category, with unlocking sequences (the Depths are unlocked through the Swamps, for example).   As for society, not much there yet, since my initial focus will be some of the bigger areas. Working out major organizations and their branches will be a future project.
For areas, the category tree is enough of an indication so far. I can imagine that having a status might be a nice tag, though, such as "Safe" for places that face little to no threat. This would change during the campaign, of course, making such tags temporal.   With people and monsters, having associated areas/organizations tagged might be a good idea. For example, Wolves feature in several areas, but you wouldn't find them in the northern swamps or in mines. So using the tag "The Depths" would easily show you the known monsters and NPCs involved with that location.

For CSS, I checked all the default bb-code blocks. Spoiler-blocks I shouldn't use my typical h4 as header for, as the color doesn't match well. For quote blocks I significantly decreased the padding and marging, as I felt they had too much empty space around them.
Article Templates
A lot of the WorldEmber material will be initial explorer logs by knights, and brief summaries of areas that will be filled in further as the campaign processes. So I designed base article templates for these.

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26 Dec, 2022 09:24

How's your WorldEmber progress going? :D

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27 Dec, 2022 21:20

Two main areas with two additional sub-areas covered, and I got content planned for a total of 7 main/sub areas and 8 factions! (But having been without a laptop for a few days, I had to do the cliff notes on my phone.)   Diplomacy web can wait until January.

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