Mini-Meta Worldember 2022

For WorldEmber, the scope will be simple: Mapvember. To be precise, expanding on the areas that I am writing Mapvember prompts for. This would be the Depths, the Swamps (one of the various Wilds in the Valley), as well as the Capital.   This expansion would be focusing on the bigger picture of these areas, with some notes and involved parties. Another thing will be that these articles will initially be time-bound: They are written from the earlier perspective, before deeper parts are unlocked. This connects to the Etrian Odyssey inspiration, where players will unlock the truths of some areas over time.
As the involved parties can't all be trusted, the documentation will definitely be written in a way that showcases that soft paranoia. Meanwhile, the known dangers and mysteries are meant to drive home the gentle feeling of dread and wonder that the Valley is meant to evoke.   While I will not be able to immediately use these areas in a campaign, it does give me a clear target to build up to. As for the initial High Plains, those will be easier on the players and can wait for a while. It will function more as a leveling ground or tutorial. By writing the deeper stuff first, I can start designing foreshadowing.


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