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The generic location is located at the north-east part of the valley. We should beware the monster type and beast type located here. There are traces of foreshadowing to be found in this region, we ask all explorers to keep an eye out for those.
— Some Knight responsible for the area.

They say that the generic location was used by people of type one and two in the past, before the valley fell. Nowadays we have a small foothold here, in the form of a camp with some farmers. The camp features the following amenities: Stuff, doodies, mcguffin factories, as well as a stargate.
Northeast plains
Recent month/year
Some number
Relevant areas/buildings
  • Mysterious Area One
  • A very special building
Generic exploration summary. We describe a bit of the timeline here, which the documents cover in further detail. This is both what NPCs initially reported, as well as player logs and news from NPCs later on.


Mysterious Area One
Some explanation on a sub-area, as well as a link to its detailed article if it has one.
A very special building
Some explanation on a building present here, as well as a link to its detailed article if it has one.


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