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It connects to all Varldstan Realms. Neutral ground some say ...


Zurjolh is an intermediate Dvallh Realm that connects several geographical regions of interest within Alézun'Teran.
This includes the Varldstan Realms, such as Varldstan Cericor and Niarem. Thus it is by some called the Varldstan Hub.  
Dvallh Realms.

Geographical Features

Zurjolh is not as expansive as Reminiscence, nor does it has as much of an intricate history.
It is roughly the size of a continent if one is to follow the Stengar Scale, and vaguely sextagon shaped, with a clear-defining border made up of the High Hills of Zurjolh, which are always visible as outlines shrouded in Sereoth Mist wherever one is.
In terms of geographical features, it primarily consists of a vast plateau with only a handful of hills and deep canyons. Plant growth is fairly sparse and mainly consists of undergrowth flora; only a few regions are more akin to forested jungles than stone deserts.
And while it does has a handful of ruins — most of which were erected by the Vhaigur Civilization — they are few and far between and most have eroded so much that they are difficult to discern from their surroundings. Most were ruins even before the events of the Great Sorrow, it is said.  
Dvallh Realms.

Relationship with Reminiscence

" One-way people will argue towards its divergence from Reminiscence is that Zurjolh is historically dull while the former shines like a star. Which does not exactly make sense when you think of what it tries to argue against.  
Jac Ekkalis.
In some circles, it is a matter of heavy debate whether or not Zurjolh once was part of Reminiscence; some even argue that it still is. That its relationship to Reminiscence is similar to the the way the Varldstan Realms are to it: A realm within a realm.
If it once was a part of Reminiscence, it is usually argued that it was separated long before the events of the Great Sorrow; either naturally or forcefully by the will of Architect. And that its — supposedly current — relation with Reminiscence is like a person holding hand with another.  
Dvallh Realms.

Governed by Zurjolh

Ssimilar to Reminiscence and Varldstan Cericor, Zurjolh is governed by an Oraltihon: An intelligent natural force that personifies a geographical location. The Oralthion is primarily known by the same name as the Realm itself: Zurjolh. Though it also goes by the moniker of the Intermediate as alternatives in official statements and the nickname Zur or Jolhan in more impersonal remarks.
Its primary appearance appears to be that of an olive-skinned middle-aged man with night-black short hair, a short beard, and oak-brown eyes. Usually dressed in flowing silky clothing in black and white hues, with some slight sand-colored touches.
It rarely shows itself directly to Melathi, though doubtful witness reports mention that a figure that may be Zurjolh watches wanderers from a distance.  
Dvallh Realms.
Overseen by
Oralthion Zurjolh.
Created by
Alternate Names
The Intermediate Lands.
Varldstan Hub.
Type, Realm
Dvallh Realm.
Native fauna
Grantin Leopard.
Stranmys Weasel.
Orange Lizard.
1.0 Vael'Eteria Standard.
Though some places within Reminiscence diverge from this and have either greater or lesser gravity.
Perico-2 Class.
About the size of one earth.
Location under
Included Locations


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