Vestments of Dhavi

Vestments of Dhavi are incredibly advanced artifacts of power created by Dhavians. Each one an immaculate work of art that is continusely worked and improved upon, either due to duty, as a hobby, or both.
Seamless meldings of primal energy and technology, they are symbols of not only Dhavians might but also the ever-present danger that their presence pose to the Fabric of Reality.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.



Each of the Vestments are tailormade by their Dhavian to adhere to certain situations, though most are built to be as versatile as possible.
Depending on preferences, these Vestments may appear to be made out of steel and stone, or perhaps crystal and polymer. However, it is still debated whether or not these materials are authentic or merely cosmetical, since they are all created from the Force of Dhavi and immensely more durable than what would be naturally possible.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.
Some Vestments are nigh-biological in their appearance while others have a more artificial look about them. Something that may enhance or subdue this, is dependable on wheter they are subtle in their design, or more conspicuous.
No matter their appearance though, it is all heavily influenced, on a subconscious level, by their Alignments.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.


Purpose of the Vestment

Primary purpose

The primary purpose of the Vestments is to essentially function as containment suits and reality stabilizers that subdues the reality-warping emissions that Dhavians passively emit on a constant basis. Without them, Dhavians risk distorting the Fabric of Reality with their mere presence.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.

Secondary purpose

They subsequently offer substantial protection to their wearers and allow them to either automate their capabilities or leave them on stand-by; ready to be utilized at a moment's notice. They also function as a form of focus, allowing greater ease of which certain capabilities of theirs can be used.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.


Mandated by Primal Edict

A Primordial Edict was created by Architect Himself that mandated that all Dhavians must wear their Vestments while outside the perimeters of Varldstan Seltiren and the Shores of Essentia.
It is not exactly known when Architect created the Primal Edict of Vestments, though sometime after the Dawn of Time is most suspected. Why it was created is believed to be due to a rare esoteric condition unique to the Dhavians, one that periodically resurfaces; Fragmental Khore Meltdown.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.

Altered Primal Edict

Some time prior to the Great Sorrow, however, the wording of the Edict became less severe and strict, allowing Dhavians to walk about across Alézun'Teran without their Vestments for a period of time, as long as they wore a Semblance of the Physical. The length of this period has never been fully determined, but most Dhavians feel comfortable with at least two whole months, before spending some time in their Vestments.
It should be noted that the only ones who are exempted from this altered Edict are those affected by the F.K.M condition.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.

Frequent or infrequent usage

A majority of Dhavians wear the Vestments without objections and frequently, with some giving the explination that they feel more comfortable within their embrace. That they have greater situational awareness and better control of their own self.
A few, however, take every opportunity they can to walk about without them. But as a precaution, they wear enhanced Semblances of the Physical to keep their reality-altering emissions at bay for prolonged periods of time.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.

Summoning the Vestment

Dhavians manifest their Vestments unto themselves utilizing Erstellica. They are only capable of only manifesting one iteration at a time, due to a unknown hinderence. Despite several attempts it is simply an impossibility. This has made Dhavians ademant that each iteration is one and the same every time it manifests, even if it has been given an altered design and functionality.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.

Practically altered

Vestments are primarily altered in design and functionality by their Dhavians while they are already manifested, in a similar fashion to how a mechanic may work on something. While any altercations can be done at the moment of summoning, it is said to feel better for them to work on it practically by hand. Doing so also allow them some time to use their Semblance of the Physical.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.

Vestment Capabilities

Standard Vestment Capabilities

The capabilities of the Vestments are as formidable as their creators, and while they are generally veered towards specific Themes and Concepts, there are certain ones that are considered to be standardized.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.


All Vestments are equipped with frequential transmittors allowing Dhavians to instantly communicate with each other across all of Alézun'Teran. Their transmittors are also able to connect with all other existing frequencies used to communicate, though prior knowledge of these is a requirement.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.

Vestment network

All Vestments are connected to the so-called Vestment Network. Stored on it is a vast collection of information regarding the whole of Vael'Eteria that Dhavians have collected throughout millennia. And while it is primarily connected to the Seltiren Network, itlso subtly connects with other existing networks and downloads the information stored within, leaving little to no trace behind; however, this is only known to Dhavians.
It is believed that the information within the network is stored simultanuasly on each Vestment, wheter they are summoned or not, and they exchange data continuesly. There exist some rumors of a presumed datacenter, though no concrete evidence of its existence exist.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.

Intelligent interface

All Vestments are equipped with a intelligent interface that reley information about the Dhavian's surroundings in real time. It knows that which is accessable to Dhavians through the Vestment Network, and while it is considerable, it may not be enough in all situations.
It provides Dhavians with threat assesments and available routes that can be accessed. Beyond that, it can also reads the subtle body language of individuals, to help Dhavians communicate in a way that best favor their endgoal.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.

Radar system

Vestments are equipped with a sofisticated radar system with a range of at least three kilometers. It can provide a detailed three dimensonal map of their surroundings. Beyond that, it is also capable of detecting the presence of moving objects that are about the size of an average human being, as well as determine if said objects are organic, mechanical, esoteric or astralphysical in nature. Any details of worth are displayed on their interface.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.

Gravitational flight

Vestments are capable of flight utilizing gravitational manipulation. They can create leverage to puch off literally anything and increase their momentum. They can also stay in place above ground indefinitely and reach speeds up to — and above — mach three within seconds. Beyond that, they can also come to a dead stop, though this will generally release a quite powerful shockwave in front of them, unless they redirect the energy they have amassed.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.

Plasmatic blades

Vestments are capable of manifesting plasmatic blades, primarily around their arms and hands, as well as along their legs and feet. Made from orange-red plasmatic energy contained within a strong magnetic forcefield that shimmers white and black. Capable of cutting through most materials, they can also be fired off as high-velocity projectiles.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.

Energy shields

Vestments are covered in a skin-tight layer of energy shielding. Capable of absorbing the momentum and heat of most impacts, allowing the Vestments' own physical protective capabilities to take the rest of the impact. At the command of their wearer, the Vestments can also reflect, deflect and redirect impacts that makes contact, which is most often done for offensive purposes. Certain artifacts of power, offensive capabilities and entities are most likely to overpower them, with more mundane weaponry not having any noteworthy impact at all. If the Dhavian commands it, these shields can be powered down.  
— Excerpt from Artifacts of Alézun'Teran.
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