Fragmental Khore Meltdown

Dhavians — due to their very nature — rarely attract conditions that noticably affect them, and even fewer are dangerous enough to be feared by them. The Fragmental Khore Meltdown is in a league of its own, however, as its existence prompted the creation of a Primal Edict by Architect Himself that mandated the standard usage of Vestments of Dhavi.  


When it is at its worst, the Dhavian affected will appear to be in their Semblance of the Astralphysical, and their form will be embraced by an intense inferno of primal energy; possibly Dhavi Force. Some have described them as becoming primal elementals. A faint hexagon fractal pattern will be noticabel on their person during the worst moments, though it will be indistinguishable during calmer moments.  

Enigmatic nature

Unknown origin

How it came to be is unknown, though it is believed to be intertwined with the nature of Dhavians. It appears to primarily affect their Khore — their abstract and primal nature — hence the name. Some wonder if it subsequently connected to their age or perhaps their usage of Unveiled Frequential Teleportation. Or it may be due to Dhavians going against their Abstract nature or it is completly random in how it comes and goes.  

No known cure

No permanent cure for it exist, though its effects can be midigated through the utalization of Vestments. The only proven way to temporary release the Dhavian from the condition is to destroy their Zelha — their physical form and personality. However, since it affects their Khore it cannot be completly removed without reconstructing the fundamental nature of the Dhavi Force, and that would require a severe reweaveing of the Fabric of Reality. Since the condition can be temporary eradicated, and is at the very least livable with the Vestments, it has been deemed too much of an ordeal to work on. The additional uncertainty in what it would mean for the nature of the Dhavians and the Fabric of Reality also plays a role in the descision, along with the fact that one cannot be sure the condition would not resurface again.  

Inner workings

In essence, it causes the Khore of the Dhavians to fracture. This in turn causes an instability within them, and as a consequence they release unnaturally large amounts of primal energy emissions. These emissions are also vastly more potent and thus causes the Fabric of Reality to unravel at an accelerated rate. This increases and decreases in severity at random, and lasts for an uncertain amount of time. Sometimes it is only quick bursts, and other times it may last for years. The condition as a whole has been compared to a nuclear meltdown, to an extent, hence some of its alternate names.  

Damaging to Semblance of the Physical

Dhavians with this condition are incapable of creating a Semblance of the Physical, as it will burn away due to the primal energy emissions. If not instantenous, then at least after some time. It is not a question of if but of when. And while they can be repaired fairly easy, doing so continually is straining both energy-wise and mentally so. It can be better kept whole while one wear a Vestment, fortunatly.  

Possible evolutioary condition

One intruiging reason for this condition that have been brought forth a few times, is the possibility that it being a evolutionaly transitional condition that ascends them into a higher state of being. What this higher state of being would be is debated, with some wondering if it would possibly turn them into Predecences, or maybe Primoridal Elementals or something else entierly. Those who belive in this wholeheartedly has argued for the Dhavians affected to not be reborn, which in their eyes would reset the evolutionaly transition.
Dhavians care little for that possibility, primarily out of fear towards Guardian, but also out of respect for their elders, who suffered so during the The Great Sorrow.  

Additional symptoms

Dhavians afflicted with this condition also feel a greater deal fatigued than ordinarily, both mentally and astralphysically. They will also be more irritable and asocial, and may take irrational descisions in battle that puts them in unnecessary danger.  
Alternative Names
Dhavian Meltdown.
Dhavian Khore Fragmentation.
Species affected
Counteractive Methods
Vestments of Dhavi.
Primary effect
Reality altering.


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