Mésvéstell Alterations


Mésvéstell, due to being possibly the oldest of the Nexus Realities, has accumulated a truly uncountable amount of alternate variants of itself. These are known as Alterations, or Pararealities, by most Alterologists, Bosakere and Valvandr.  
— Excerpt from Alterations of Mésvéstell.


Alterations can only be accessed either through so-called Tayus Gates, a Cube of Cibur or forcing open the M.A.B:s   They can only be accessed either through so-called Maa'Tayus Gates, a Primordial Cube or by forcing open the Multiversal Alteration Barriers set up by Architect; the latter being a neigh undoable feat that even Origin and Guardian have a difficult time doing.  
— Excerpt from Alterations of Mésvéstell.

Small changes, small impacts

The Alterations might vary widely in differences. In some, you can live through several lifetimes and never encounter any large noticeable differences. A friend might spell her name different, or a house might have a slightly different shade of yellow. That business meeting maybe had a bowl of red apples, instead of green ones. Small changes, small impacts.  
— Excerpt from Alterations of Mésvéstell.

Small changes, big impacts

The more interesting ones are those with more noticeable differences. They might have occurred through a butterfly effect of small changes having greater impacts.   On a battlefield, an arrow or sword thrust might have been a few millimeters to the left and struck through a crevice in armor, killing an important general or a ruler. Taking a left turn, instead of a right one ended in a meeting with an important person, years too early, be it a future spouse, a nemesis, or a working companion.   In some Alterations, the differences could not be more different. Some might have whole family lines that had not been born in Prime. Technology and scientific understanding might have taken a different turn.  
— Excerpt from Alterations of Mésvéstell.

Maa'Tayus Spectrum
Changes and Implications

Some of these changes can also be because of differences in the Väes Spectrum that affects the Baltican Border Realms of the Twilight Realm and Prazora Saehel. These changes would not only affect the environment of the Mésvéstell Alteration but also the Primordial Flow that inhabitants can wield, be it Aether or Magic.  
— Excerpt from Alterations of Mésvéstell.

The Tipping Point

Miand'Mésvéstell Alterations

In time, if one travels through enough Alterations in a certain direction, one will come upon a tipping point. The Miand'Mésvéstell Alterations will be found. Though they have only been mentioned by the Architect himself in the presence of Origin and Guardian. Their nature is for the majority unknown but chaotic was a word the Creator used to explain it. Though the context was left out. Supposedly, the Miand'Mésvéstell Alterations have elements of both Nexus Worlds.  
— Excerpt from Alterations of Mésvéstell.

Known Alterations

Mésvéstell Jothame

Mésvéstell Jothame is among the most well-known Alterations of Mésvéstell that exist out there. Their fascinating melding of clockwork- and steam technology. Their understanding and utilization of souls and their high number of Goëtia, Raw Vesen and Trolls. And then there are the horrific abominations of draugr that have been created and terrorize the populous.   It is agreed by many that Jota has given birth to some of the most brilliant minds ever and that it is one reason for their advanced technology. It is also an Alteration where the Twilight Realm is weaker in its structure, which has allowed the aetherial energies from Eärann to affect it more prominently.  
— Excerpt from Alterations of Mésvéstell
Mésvéstell Jota.


Mésvéstell Jothame Väes
1716-High 0422-Low.
Alteration Level
High — 78 Negative
Multiverse Awareness
Ether Spectrum
Abstruse Ether Level 67.
Esoteric Ether Level 48.
Unique Creatures to this Alteration
Unique Species to this Alteration
— Excerpt from
Alterations of Mésvéstell
Mésvéstell Jota.

Mésvéstell Omekra

Not too much is known about Mésvéstell Omekra. One of the most eye-catching aspects of it is that the Witches are slightly different from Prime, in that they are only born to one Talent, such as Talent in Flame with the Red Witches.   Magic, in general, has an unusually high presence in Omikron and is much more elemental in nature, while Aether is rarer and looked upon with fascination rather than fear. Whether this mean the Twilight Realm is more robust or Prazora Saehel is weaker is not fully known, though most lean against the letter.  
— Excerpt from Alterations of Mésvéstell
Mésvéstell Omikron.


Mésvéstell Omekra Väes
1289-High 0121-Low
Alteration Level
High — 68 Positive
Multiverse Awareness
Ether Spectrum
Abstruse Ether Level 39.
Esoteric Ether Level 79.
Unique Locations to this Alteration
Tower of Naver Mor
Unique Conditions to this Alteration
Red Witches
— Excerpt from
Alterations of Mésvéstell
Mésvéstell Omikron.


No matter the differences, there are some events that always occur. Individuals that always are born.
The Prophets
  • The Prophets exist in every Alteration. No exceptions. Primarily it is the same people that are born as Prophets, but this does not need to be true. In some alternate realities, they are looked upon with fear, while in others they are revered. Usually, it is both. Whether or not they have the same personality is another question entirely.
  • Erranda Elmehäll.
  • A version of Erranda will always be born. And she will always be worthy. Though she is not always a Prophet. Known alternate versions are Embla Elmehäll and Emma Elmehäll.
  • — Excerpt from
    Alterations of Mésvéstell
    Alternate Realities
    Alternative Name(s)
    Alterations, Mirror Worlds,


    Alterologists — also known as Pararelologists — are those who study Alterations or Pararealities. Some do so from a theoretical standpoint, while others do so more practically; either via research in regards to the literary mediums from those Alterations, the study of their Väes Frequencies, or through physically exploring them.
    They exist both below and above the M.A.F.F; either in a possible office in Varldstan Cericor, or a research facility in Mésvéstell.


    Valvandr is a colloquial broad term for those individuals who travel to different worlds, realms, and realities.
    Worldhoppers who traverse Alterations are quite a rare breed of individuals, as there are few ways for someone to traverse between them, though in some realities it is easier than in others.

    Multiversal Alteration Freqiential Field

    The Multiversal Alteration Field — shortened into M.A.F — is what keeps the Alterations separated from each other. Each Alteration has its own uniqe frequency


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