Jothame Setting Introduction

Where steam and power of the soul
allow society to flourish
Where Death is one step behind
Unyielding Life

A cruel, dark world.

The Alternate Reality designated Alteration 24 — or more colloquially Jothame — is one of the more well-known among Alterologists, considered to be a cruel and dark one, to the point of absurdity. Pain and brutality, terror and violence; these are words most would use to describe Jothame.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Jothame.

The people of Jothame

The people who inhabit this Alteration can be just as good or evil as in any other Reality, albeit some would consider them more stubborn and weathered than most due to the fact that they have had to fight for survival on both a daily and nightly basis.
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Jothame.

Weak Twilight Realm

One reason for why this is so is because the metaphysical integrity of the Twilight Realm is weaker in Jothame than it is in Prime: This allows abtruse energies from the Realm of Eärann to affect it more prominently. This is why Raw Vesen and Trolls are a lot more common.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Jothame.

Industrial Alteration

Jothame is one of the more industrial Alterations. This is thanks to closer relationships forged between the western nations and the vampyric continent of Volarphal. The life works and discoveries of several inventive and scientific individuals whose brilliant minds opened up new horizons also helped a great deal.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Jothame.

Brutal and Horrific

There are also certain elements of Jothame that has heavily stained its reputation among Alterologists. Raw Vesen and Trolls are not the only ones who are more common: Goëtia have the majority in numbers against the Magicians. And the creations of certain Bokor plague both the untamed wilds and the bustling civilizations. The Lyrabock and Krauskyskull are the most mythical and infamous examples.
An unimaginable amount of blood has been spilled for the creation of these abominations and many others like them. In Jothame, the black market slave trade is booming in some regions and most end up in the laboratories run by Bokor, where they will become part of horrific experiments. And not everything is done in the name of scientific discovery.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Jothame.

Bright light in darkness

But due to this dark despair, certain lights shine blindingly bright. Common, everyday people fight against evil and unrighteousness. A few of them step above the ordinary and become heroic figures: ending illegal slave trade operations, hunting down Raw Vesen, or any of the Draugr Vesen an ambitious and morally ambiguous Bokor has created.
Would it come as a surprise that every once in a while, a Goëte goes against the seemingly despairing flow and hunt their own? Goëtia Ilyons who hunt Ilyonic serial killers and mass murderers. Bokor who hunt down abominations and others of their sort who have gone insane on power. A few groups exist where common, ordinary people, Magicians and Goëtes go together to illuminate the world with their bright light. A bright light that might be grey as ash, if you get my meaning.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Jothame.

Clockwork Machinery

Powered by steam and souls

One of the most famous characteristics of Jothame would be its clockwork automatons and machinery, which are powered by both searing hot steam and the abstruse energy contained within souls. Some of the most advanced soul-powered constructs even have a modest sense of intelligence and personality attached to them, whether they are clockwork automatons, weapons, or armors.
The newest staple of clockwork technology, and the brainchild of one of the most brilliant minds in history, are the so-called Clocksouls. Human and vampyric souls attached to a piece of complicated clockwork machinery built entirely from Silfgrim steel.
Many would say that Tarik Elzenaar, the inventor and creator of the Clocksouls, was truly brilliant. Others would say that he was mad. Perhaps maddeningly brilliant. Mésvéstell Prime havehad similar individuals, but only a select few have become known to the public, while the rest have stayed in the shadows. And in regards to Tarik Elzenaar; most Alterologists doubt he was ever born in Mésvéstell Prime.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Jothame.

Sky Rulers

Zeppelins were becoming a common sight in the sky for the first time about one hundred and twenty years ago, at the beginning of 1500 PD. During that time, improvements and alterations — both big and small — have made them the secure and popular flying machines they now are. They may have suffered a few setbacks from time to time but have never faltered too far from popularity. One big reason for this is thanks to the military of several nations, as well as a few very influential merchant guilds.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Jothame.


Thanks to certain events that transpired around the 10th century — and didn't — the Amridien Empire did not crumble, nor was it separated into several nations. Instead, it grew stronger, its roots reaching ever deeper into solidity. Its royalty gave itself the title of High King, not wanting to be affiliated with the Emperors and Empresses of The Rieisian Empire, of which they are still at war with, even after four hundred years.
Currently, there exist three impressive empires. The Amridien Empire in the west, the Tansrensien Empire to the east, and the Rieisian Empire to the far west. The first two have managed to keep a tense peace for about 100 years, but cracks are starting to show in the political front.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Jothame.
Mésvéstell Jothamé cover
Technological & Genre Theme
Dark Fantasy.
Mésvéstell Jota Väes
1716-High 0422-Low.
Alteration Level
High — 78 Southern
Multiverse Awareness
Ether Spectrum
Abstruse Ether Level 67.
Esoteric Ether Level 48.
Creatures Unique to this Setting
Species Unique to this Setting

Clocksoul Pilosta.



A person who can manipulate the primal forces of life and death. They can create spells and runes with souls. They are the only ones of the Göetia that are able to create sentient, artificial constructs, and Undead.


A person who can manipulate the primal forces of life and death. Is able to teleport large distances via the usage of souls. They can create tools and apparel from the Essence of Death and can become incorporeal shadowesque entities that can travel through walls.

The Twilight Realm

The Twilight Realm is much the same as a wall or barrier that separates Mésvéstell and Eärann. But the Land of Twilight is not a physical barrier that one can touch, but rather, it is an Plane of Existence in its own right. It was created by ethereal vibrations that where themselves created — and always are — when Mésvéstell and Eärann scratch against each other. Like the fault lines deep within the earth.   In regards to its landscape, it is covered in a more concentrated version of Nilhmaere, and coat the Barrier Realm in a bluish light.


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