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Omekra Setting Introduction


The Alternate Reality of Mésvéstell that is designated Alteration 51 — or more colloquially as Omekra — is one of the more well-known among Alterologists.
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Omekra.

History & Culture

In terms of history and culture, Omekra is similar to Mésvéstell Prime in some regards but completely different in others. The same goes for those who are born and die on its lands and seas. One difference is that the Divine Carriers of Omekra are known as Saints of the Sovereigns rather than Prophets of the Eidolons.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Omekra.

Empires of Omekra

Within Omekra there exist several governmental bodies that maintain control over wast amount of land and sea. A majority of them are incredibly old and nearly stagnant both culturally, sociatally and technologically.  
— Mésvéstell Omekra.

The Glorious Máfdanien Realm

The Glorious Realm of Máfdanien is considered to be the oldest still-existing empire in western Omekra, as it has stood strong for about two thousand years soon.
It stretches across the entirety of Fausun, Dárselland and Lanhj Klerv, and is currently involved in over a century-long conflict with the rebellious Republic of Tansrenien.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Omekra.

The Republic of Tansrenien

The Republic of Tansrenien is considered to be the youngest of all large-scale governmental bodies in Omekra, having broken free from both the Máfdanien Realm and the Imperium of Aaermakh mere centuries prior to current events.
It is quickly becoming one of the most technologically advanced empires in Omekra, due to its high Loerder population.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Omekra.

The Ancient Imperium of Aaermakh

The Ancient Imperium of Aaermakh has existed for as long as anyone can remember. It is certainly the oldest empire in Omekra by a grand margin, but in later centuries it has grown weaker; thanks to political corruption and cultural and technological stagnacy.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Omekra.

Magic in Omekra

Another noticeable difference from Mésvéstell Prime is in regards to the Ether Weave of Omekra.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Omekra.

Subdued Goëtia

Abtruse Ether, colloquially known as Goëtia, is quite subdued: Goëtia Nekrons and Ilyons are rare indeed and are neither well-understood nor accepted among the local populace. The same goes for Raw Vesen and all that which concern the Realm of Eärann.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Omekra.

Potent Magic

Esoteric Ether, colloquially known as Magic, is incredibly potent and a common sight. Witches are quite prevalent among Omekra populace, with approximately thirty out of every hundred Humans and Loerder being born with magical capabilities.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Omekra.

Omekra Witches & Magic

Spectrums of Color

In contrast to Mésvéstell Prime, magic in Omekra is attuned to certain Spectrums of Color. The Color determines the manifestation and physical effects of the magic, while the degree of Attunement dictates how powerful a Witch is.
Another system that is also prevalently used, is the Gemstone Spectrum, where each Color corresponds with a Gemstone of a similar shade. Such as Ruby being connected to Red and White being connected to Diamond.
A Witch can only be Attuned to a single Spectrum of Color, with the most common ones being the Red Spectrum and the Green Spectrum. Blue and Purple are less common, with Black and White being the rarest.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Omekra.
Spectrum. Stone. Esoteric Effect.
Red Spectrum. Ruby. Heat & Fire.
Green Spectrum. Emerald. Light & Light Form.
Spectrum. Stone. Esoteric Effect.
Blue Spectrum. Sapphire. Cold & Ice.
Purple Spectrum. Tanzanite. Electricity & Shockwaves.
Spectrum. Stone. Esoteric Effect.
Black Spectrum. Onyx. Nullifies magical energy.
Absorbs Spectrums of Color.
White Spectrum. Diamond. Amplifies magical energy.
Emits Spectrums of Color.

Sensing Magic

Another detail that sets Omekra Witches apart from Mésvéstellian Prime Witches is that the former are capable of sensing magical usage, both when it is currently done and have been done in the past few hours. Quite the rare talent in Mésvéstell Prime, with Codina Sarno being one of the few capable.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Omekra.

Magical Phenomenon

Magical Phenomenon in Omekra is more or less similar in terms of how they manifest in Mésvéstell Prime, as well as what forms they take. The main difference is in terms of commonality and potency: Air Bolts of ordinary size is usually lethal enough to end a fully grown ox.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Omekra.

Anti-Esoterical Pillars

To counteract this, Witches and Scholars in ancient times researched and constructed impressive Anti-Esoterical Pillars that attracted magical phenomena and hindered them from affecting large population centers.
Most of these Pillars are located near cities and other populated regions, while a handful can be found sprinkled across the wilderness, seemingly put there at random, though it might also be the last remnant of an old settlement.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Omekra.
From the bones of Black Witches
How these Pillars work is a highly guarded secret known only to a handful of living individuals, and they are willing to take lethal actions to keep it so. A persistent rumor claim they contain the bones of unusually powerful Black Witches. That they still emit an anti-magical field that has been expanded upon with taboo Goëtia.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Omekra.

During a full moon

During a full moon, however, it may become near impossible to go out without having the risk of getting killed by magical phenomena. What would be considered a highly and unusually active magical phenomena season in Mésvéstell Prime, would be commonplace in Omekra.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Omekra.

Where the Ancients never died out

One of perhaps the most significant differences of Omekra compared to Mésvéstell Prime, is that the mythical Loerder managed to miraculesly survive the end of their Cycle.
A species of horned scaleskinned humanoids distantly related to dragons.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Omekra.

No vampires

It is due to their presence that Mésvéstellian Vampires does not exist in Omekra at all, as their creation was not deemed necessary. Especially with the existence of the still-working servants of the ancient folk: The Prometheites.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Omekra.

Low numbers

They do not have a large population however, primarily due to a low birth rate coupled with diseases and ailments. It is speculated that as many as one out of eighty are born sterile due to reason not yet understood.
Some of their scholars have wondered if it is a purpesful impediment created by Irandées.  
— Your Guide to Mésvéstell Omekra.
Mésvéstell Omekra cover
Alternate Name
Alteration 51.
Alteration of
Magic Users
Red Witches.
Mésvéstellian Humans.
Technological & Genre Theme
High Fantasy.
Mésvéstell Omekra Väes
1289-High 0121-Low.
Alteration Level
High — 68 Northen.
Multiverse Awareness
Ether Spectrum
Esoteric Ether Level 88.
Abstruse Ether Level 37.
Species Unique to this Setting
Notable location
Tower of Naver Mor.


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