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Worldwide Noncombatant Treaty

The Worldwide Noncombatant Treaty, commonly known as the high treaty, specifies a set of people and places that are off limit to attack as well as limitations to these entities.  

Neutral Entities

A neutral or noncombatant entity is one recognized by the Fantasmal Government as never participating in wars or conflicts of any kind and whose function or services are considered significant or indispensable to the world. These notably include:  
  • Epouranal Mages
  • The Sunnin Social System
  • The Order of Nature
  • The Warrior Guild
  • Lostram Bank
  Other organizations are able to apply for and receive this status at the discretion of the Fantasma.  

Noncombatant Protections

It is considered a violation of global law, and potentially a war crime, to attack a neutral entity or a sunnitarian state. This includes any building, land, or domain controlled by a neutral entity, or people who are explicitly operating on behalf of that entity.   This distinction is important for the Warrior Guild, as guild buildings and employees cannot be attacked during battles, but if a guild employee chooses to participate in battle, they are not protected in that capacity. Similarly, Sunnitarian States are protected as noncombatant domains, but individual citizens are not if they are outside of their domain.  

Noncombatant Restrictions

Sunnitarian States and neutral entities are forbidden from participating in battles in any capacity. This includes, fighting, providing aid, and even harboring combatants or refugees. They must completely stay out of all conflicts and battles until they are over. Individuals who violate this restriction lose their noncombatant protection and repeated violations risk the status of the entire organization.   However, because the Sunnin Social System is not bound by global law, they enjoy the unique privilege of being protected by the high treaty while also being able to violate it. This allows the Daughter of the Sun and Sunnin workers to be able to offer aid during war while still being fully protected by the provisions of the high treaty.   Of course, the epouranals are also in the same situation, but epouranals never participate in wars, and if a person or domain was foolish enough to attack an epouranal mage, they’d be wiped out of existence, so this is typically not an issue.
Authoring Date
2205 TS
Ratification Date
2205 TS
Signatories (Organizations)
Government & Politics
Significant Global Law
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