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Tuner Quartz

Tuner is one of the most abundant and versatile types of quartz. It has high absorption, but unlike other variants, tuner quartz cannot maintain embedded mentus. In addition, tuner quartz does not pass mentus it absorbs onto living creatures. Instead, mentus passed through tuner quartz can only flow into other types of quartz, allowing it to act as a conduit for mentus energy. When refined, tuner can constantly accept different types of mentus allowing it to activate various effects dynamically. Because of these traits, it’s used in complex quartz-based devices such as city cores and melnets. Tuner quartz also has latent dimensional properties compatible with quickener mentus and is one of the primary components of quickener staffs.  

Characteristics & Properties

Like many other quartz variants, tuner quartz is clear with a purple tint that becomes more potent when mentus is directed at it or when it is struck by another piece of quartz. As a result, it is sometimes confused with boulder quartz as both variants are highly abundant.   Tuner quartz has a few unique traits that give it versatile uses. It naturally amplifies and focuses mentus energy which allows people to use far more complex and specific mentus with it. In addition, tuner quartz has passive dimensional properties. Unlike other quartz like translift and mandorian, which have active dimensional properties that create very specific traits, tuner’s dimensional properties are passive, allowing for a variety of effects depending on how it’s used.   Tuner’s natural amplification and dimensional properties make it a perfect conduit for quickener mentus, which is significantly more volatile and harder to control than any other type of specialized mentus. Tuner is able to amplify quickener mentus to the point where it can be utilized for teleportation and other feats.  

Processing & Refinement

Tuner is difficult to mine and transport in its raw form, however once processed and refined, it becomes far less volatile. It requires a very specific chemical solution to refine since it doesn’t absorb mentus in the same way other variants do. In addition, the refinement process usually results in a 50-60% loss in mass. This means that although tuner is fairly abundant, its refinement process makes it costly. However, it is mandatory for use in many complex-quartz based systems.  

Products and Uses

Tuner quartz is used as a conduit quartz, allowing mentus to be passed through to various parts of complex quartz-based systems. It’s often used to allow for variable effects where static embedded mentus would be impractical. In addition, its amplifying property makes it easy to perform complex mentus even when it’s not previously embedded.   An example would be in melnets—networked devices that function similar to televisions, allowing people to watch live or prerecorded events. The tuner in melnet systems is critical in allowing users to pick specific recordings even as they are periodically added and removed from the melnet. Tuner quartz is also used in city cores to help transfer mentus to different parts of the device to trigger both automated and manual functions quickly and easily.  
Quickener Staffs
One of the chief uses of tuner quartz is in quickener staffs. Tuner is the primary quartz of a staff core, and it allows quickeners to fully utilize their skills. Unlike most quartz with dimensional properties, tuner quartz is passive, which means it has no inherent active traits that can be accidentally triggered by mentus. Instead, it enhances and focuses quickener mentus in a way that no other variant can do. There are many other types of quartz used to create a quickener staff, but tuner helps to bind them all together.
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Quartz Properties:
Availability High
Color Clear / Purple Tint / Purple (Refined)
Activation Mentus / Striking With Quartz
Synthesizable No
Emulatable No
Absorption 60%
Obstruction None
Deflection None
Passivity 40%
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