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Traveler Quartz

Traveler quartz is the only known quartz variant that does not block mentus, quickening, or vision in the mentant realm in its raw form. On the contrary, it enhances vision in the mentant realm and heightens quickener mentus. Traveler quartz gains its unique properties due to a special type of exotic energy that emanates from dimensional rifts. Most quartz variants exposed to rifts for long periods of time will eventually become traveler quartz.  

Characteristics & Properties

Traveler quartz was only first discovered in the early TA era. It looks similar to boulder quartz and other variants except that instead of being clear with a purple tint, traveler quartz is completely purple.   Traveler quartz is by far the most unique of all known quartz variants for multiple reasons. First, it can only be formed in a location where a dimensional rift is present for several months or more. In addition, traveler quartz can be formed from multiple variants, including boulder, mentus, tuner, melivian, and desert crystal. Even after the rift dissipates, traveler quartz will still form from boulder quartz around existing traveler quartz.   Its other main attribute is that traveler quartz does not block mentus, quickening, or vision in the mentant realm. It is largely passive to all mentus though it does absorb a small amount and, like boulder and other variants, either slowly dissipates that energy over time or is passed off to the next living creature that touches it. Because it absorbs so little, any mentus that is passed off typically has minimal impact. The one exception to this is quickener mentus, which traveler quartz actually enhances.   Traveler quartz has highly active dimensional properties from its exposure to rift energy. These attributes make it uniquely compatible with quickener mentus and the properties of tuner quartz. A large quantity of traveler quartz can create a synergistic effect that greatly enhances quickener mentus, even to the point where a quickener can bypass other quartz barriers.  

Processing & Refinement

Currently, traveler quartz cannot be refined to a point that it can hold embedded mentus. It’s only used in its raw form. Though it can be processed like boulder quartz to make building materials, this is rarely ever done since traveler quartz is more effective in its raw, unprocessed form.  

Products and Uses

Traveler quartz has one primary use and that is to enhance quickener mentus. When configured properly, traveler quartz can create a synergistic field around a quickener that greatly increases their staff and abilities. This is usually done by creating a quickener cave: a manmade cave-like room with traveler quartz covering all parts of the walls and ceiling. Though a quickener doesn’t necessarily need to be completely surrounded by traveler quartz to create the enhancement field, quickener caves are almost always built this way to provide the most powerful effect.   Quickener caves are usually built inside of areas that are already surrounded by quartz, like cities with quartz walls or domains built inside of mountains. The quickener cave allows a quickener to teleport through these quartz barriers without an issue as long as the target of their transport is not inside its own separate quartz barrier. This also means that a quickener can teleport to a quartz marker located within a quickener cave, regardless of the outer quartz barrier as long as the quickener themselves are not surrounded by a separate quartz barrier. This is because the traveler quartz in the quickener cave only affects the area that its surrounding.   Quickener caves are very useful and because traveler quartz cannot be synthesized, it’s highly coveted. It can also be extremely dangerous when used for nefarious purposes. Almost every city with a city core has a means of detecting traveler quartz within the city’s boundaries to prevent rogue quickener caves from being built which would allow people to bypass city security. The Fantasmal Government has the most quickener caves in use as a way for quickeners to easily get in and out of Fantasmal Mountain, however these are highly secure access points that cannot be easily infiltrated. Notably, quickener caves aren’t used in other secure government facilities to further limit access to places that do not have the level of security Fantasmal Mountain has.   Traveler quartz is only useful in large quantities and because it can’t be refined, it’s not used in any quartz-based devices or other crafts.
by AWGColeman (AI Creation)
Quartz Properties
Availability Low
Color Purple
Activation None
Synthesizable No
Emulatable No
Absorption 20%
Obstruction None
Deflection None
Passivity 80%
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