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Plethora Quartz

Plethora is one of the most volatile variants in its raw form. This is because it is constantly absorbing latent mentus energy from its environment and any energy it absorbs is always active. Even after being refined, it cannot hold embedded mentus in the same way as other quartz because it constantly triggers it. However, in conjunction with other quartz, it can be used to create autonomous quartz-based systems such as city cores.   Characteristics & Properties Plethora is a variant that evolves from mentus quartz. This rarely happens in nature as it involves very specific environmental conditions. Because of this, it’s typically found in very small quantities in the same areas where mentus quartz is mined. Unlike mentus quartz, which starts purple and only turns blue when refined, plethora always presents as a deep blue crystal, making it easy to recognize.   Plethora is constantly absorbing latent mentus energy from its surroundings and is always active. This is a problematic combination as it makes it extremely difficult to handle in its raw form. Plethora can cause explosions if mined or transported improperly and can be dangerous even after being processed. Because of this, most plethora is synthesized from mentus quartz as it is easier to process in a lab environment, although it does result in a slightly degraded version of its natural counterpart.  

Processing & Refinement

Plethora requires processing to stabilize it for use. Despite its volatile state, it can be easily processed with channeler mentus, similar to mentus quartz. After its stabilized, it can be used without refinement, depending on the use-case. If it’s only needed as a means of absorbing mentus, processing is enough, however it must be refined if it’s going to hold embedded mentus. This is a lengthier process as it requires specific chemicals and a large amount of mentus to fully refine plethora. Fortunately, refined plethora is usually only needed in very small quantities.   Once refined, plethora can hold embedded mentus, which it will self-trigger repeatedly using latent mentus from the environment or mentus directed at it. Plethora will continue to trigger the embedded mentus indefinitely until stopped, which can only be done by using very specific channeler mentus. This only works for a short period of time before it will activate again. As a result, plethora must be stored in special storage cases when not in use.  

Products and Uses

Plethora has very specific use-cases. It is an invaluable quartz for city cores, security systems, and other large autonomous systems that are constantly running or have mentus triggers that need to be activated repetitively. It is often the nucleus of a quartz-based device, sending a simple trigger that can be used to start a chain reaction in a complex system. Plethora can also be used to collect latent mentus energy in the atmosphere. This is residual energy that is left behind from people using mentus, even unconsciously. Plethora can draw in and capture this mentus and either use it to activate embedded triggers or redirect it to other parts of the device or system its connected to.
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Quartz Properties
Availability Low
Color Blue
Activation Always Active
Synthesizable Yes
Emulatable Yes
Absorption 90%
Obstruction None
Deflection None
Passivity 10%

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