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Mentus Quartz

Mentus quartz is one of the most abundant types of quartz and has the highest rate of absorption, making it perfect for embedded mentus. Because of its high absorption rate, mentus quartz is hard to mine because no mentus can be used in the mining sites, for fear of accidents. Mentus quartz must be refined in order to hold embedded mentus so that it’s not overwritten. The level of refinement determines how long the embedded mentus will be maintained, which can be anywhere from several decades to several centuries.  

Characteristics & Properties

Mentus quartz gets its name because of its high compatibility with embedded mentus. Though several other quartz variants can hold embedded mentus, mentus quartz is the most abundant and is the easiest to use. Mentus quartz also turns blue when refined, which is the color associated with mentus. Scientists believe this is because of its high affinity with embedded mentus.  

Processing & Refinement

Because of its high absorption rate, mentus quartz is harder to mine and transport than many other variants. It is the second most abundant type of quartz, behind boulder quartz, and most mining practices and regulations center around the extraction of mentus quartz as improper mining can lead to explosions and cave-ins. Mentus quartz is very easy to refine for use with embedded mentus. Even a basic ammonium solution prepped with channeler mentus can quickly refine mentus quartz, however more complex or potent solutions will lead to better refinement which in-turn allows for higher quality embedded mentus even in relatively small quartz crystals.  

Products and Uses

The primary use for mentus quartz is embedded mentus. As a medium, it is the most versatile of all quartz variants. A skilled channeler can embed mentus into quartz that can trigger a myriad of different effects from simple to highly complex. Because of this it is used in almost every quartz-based device and mentant-craft. From weapons and armor to melnets and city cores, with very few exceptions, if it has embedded mentus it uses mentus quartz in some way.
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Quartz Properties:
Availability High
Color Clear / Purple Tint / Blue (Refined)
Activation Mentus / Striking With Quartz
Synthesizable Yes
Emulatable No
Absorption 90%
Obstruction None
Deflection None
Passivity 10%

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