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Melivian Quartz

Melivian quartz has the highest absorption rate of all known variants, able to absorb almost all mentus that is directed at it. In addition, it vibrates at a frequency different from other quartz making it more compatible with non-channeler mentus. Once refined, embedded mentus can be used to store information in a variety of different ways, including audio, video, and even programmatic data similar to a computer. The amount of information it can hold is proportional to its size and the level of refinement.  

Characteristics & Properties

Melivian quartz is also referred to as “memory quartz” because of its ability to retain information similar to how a computer hard drive on earth does. Melivian can absorb and convert data into energy and then reconstruct that data into its original format when activated. In its raw form, melivian soaks up mentus energy and, unlike other variants, the energy fully maintains the characteristics of the person using the mentus. This means that melivian stores a type of “mentus fingerprint” and fully retains the properties of that person’s adimus signature within the quartz itself. While other quartz also does this, it’s at very minute levels such that it would take the same person using mentus on the same quartz repeatedly over months or years before the properties of their adimus signature would be detectible within it.   Because melivian is easily activated and absorbs almost all mentus directed at it, it’s difficult to mine, transport, and process. Like mentus quartz, it can cause explosions if improperly handled during the mining process. The quartz is often needed in such massive quantities that it is synthesized from mentus quartz, which is a very lengthy and expensive process. For this reason, melivian quartz can be a pricey variant.  

Processing & Refinement

The difficulty level of refining melivian depends on the size of the quartz and how it’s being used. Because of how well it absorbs mentus, melivian can be refined with just channeler mentus alone if the piece is small enough. Larger rocks will require ammonium solution to help with absorbing the mentus. Melivian must also be refined further and more precisely if it has to maintain complex data as opposed to simple audio or even visual data.   Once melivian has been refined to accept a specific type of data, it cannot be changed to accept any other type, however the data can be overwritten with the same type of data multiple times as needed. A single piece of melivian cannot be refined to hold multiple types of data, however the quartz can be split, refined for different data types, and fused back together and the resulting fused quartz will still work as expected.  

Products and Uses

Melivian has many uses, but it’s most widely known as the primary quartz in its namesake device, the melnet—a complex system used to store and view hundreds or thousands of hours’ worth of pre-recorded content such as theatrical plays and shows, news broadcasts, concerts, and more. Large quantities of melivian are used to build melnets, and they are usually only built for large organizations or cities.   In addition to the melnet, melivian is used in a myriad of other items and devices, far too many too name. Its versatility comes from its ability to store a variety of different types of data. Beyond storing audio and three-dimensional video, it can also be used to store the essence of embedded commands to be used later. When used in conjunction with tuner and plethora quartz, dozens or even hundreds of embedded mentus triggers can be stored in a quartz-based device to be called upon later without using large quantities of mentus quartz to store each individual trigger or process. This allows for more complex devices.   Notably, melivian is one of the main quartz variants used in city cores and is central to a core’s functionality and ability to perform multiple tasks. It’s used as part of security systems in the mechanism that both detects and records a person’s adimus signature. It’s an optional but often used component of quickener staffs as it can give the staff the visual communication feature. Moreover, quickeners who work as broadcasters have staffs with large amounts of melivian allowing them to store, transfer, and display all manner of visual content.
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Quartz Properties
Availability Average
Color Clear / Purple Tint / Blue (Refined)
Activation Mentus or Striking With Quartz
Synthesizable Yes
Emulatable No
Absorption 100%
Obstruction None
Deflection None
Passivity None

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