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Mandorian Quartz

Mandorian quartz is a very specialized variant. It grows in only one place and serves primarily one purpose: timekeeping. Mandorian’s unique dimensional properties allow it to be used to tell the exact time in any location on the planet when using mentus and a precise calculation. Because of this, mentant engineers designed a master timepiece and mandorinites—special devices for timekeeping—to harness this ability. Though mandorian has low availability, it is rarely used for any other purpose than timekeeping. It’s use and distribution is regulated by the Fantasmal Government, which keeps costs low.  

Characteristics & Properties

Mandorian quartz is a special quartz variant with passive dimensional properties. Unlike other quartz with similar characteristics, all mandorian is continuously dimensionally bonded to each other, regardless of location or refinement. Mandorian’s other unique property is that it vibrates at a frequency that’s in direct correlation to the planet’s natural electromagnetic resonance frequency, giving off a slightly different signal depending on where it is and what time of day it is. This unique signal, which is only perceptible in the mentant realm, can be used in a calculation to determine the precise time.   Mandorian quartz only grows in one place in the world, a mountain in the Wayo Mountain Range on the western continent. The mountain is known as Mandoria Mountain for this reason, and it’s controlled by the Fantasmal Government because of how important it is for timekeeping.  

Processing & Refinement

Despite having a high absorption rate, mandorian is fairly easy to mine and process. Since it’s rarely used for anything other than creating mandorinites, the rate at which its mined is regulated so that deposits are never completely stripped. Mandorian is fairly easy to process and refine. It can usually be done with just channeler mentus although sometimes a simple ammonium solution is used depending on the size. Mandorian’s inherent dimensional properties do not change when processed and refined. The refinement is only done so that mentus can be embedded into it.  

Products and Uses

Related Article: Mandorian Master Timepiece   Mandorian is almost exclusively used for timekeeping. It is the primary component of the Mandorian Master Timepiece, a large intricate quartz device located in Mandoria Mountain that automates the process of telling time around the world, and mandorinites, devices that can be placed anywhere in the world, even behind multiple quartz barriers, and are used to receive time from the master timepiece. Mandorian is also used as a timekeeper in complex quartz-based devices like city-cores and security systems and can be used to hold triggers that only activate at specified times.   Aside from this, mandorian quartz is sometimes used as part of quickener staffs. Though not a required quartz, its use allows quickeners to always know what time it is. Mandorian is also used in some rare or one-off devices where its properties are needed.
by AWGColeman (AI Creation)
Quartz Properties
Availability Low
Color Clear / Purple Tint / Purple (Refined)
Activation Mentus
Synthesizable No
Emulatable Yes
Absorption 70%
Obstruction None
Deflection None
Passivity 30%
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