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Magnom Quartz

Magnom is an evolved form of melivian quartz. It can store large quantities of energy and unlike other variants, this is not limited to mentus energy. It can be used to store a variety of different energies, including supernal energy, and it can hold anywhere from 10 to 100 times the amount of energy of other variants. Magnom is typically used like a battery to store energy in large, complex, quartz-based devices. It’s extremely versatile in how it can hold energy, and a highly coveted variant.  

Characteristics & Properties

Magnom is a variant that evolves directly from melivian quartz and shares some of the same traits. Like melivian, magnom easily stores energy, but it cannot convert between energy and information. Magmon’s unique trait is that it can store all types of energy, not just mentus. In its raw form, magnom naturally attracts and absorbs latent energy, similar to plethora, but for any type of energy found in its environment or directed at it. Magnom also compresses energy allowing it to store far more than any other variant. This can make it even more volatile than melivian in some cases.   Because magnom is an evolved variant of melivian, it’s typically found in the same places melivian is mined, though specific environmental conditions must be met. Unlike melivian, which starts purple and only turns blue when refined, magnom is blue in its raw form, which makes it easy to recognize. Magnom is rarer than melivian, so it often needs to be synthesized. This can be done using melivian quartz, which will create a synthetic almost identical to what’s found in nature, or with mentus quartz, which will create a slightly degraded form of the variant which can still hold up to 80 times more energy than other variants, depending on how its refined.  

Processing & Refinement

Magnom is similar to melivian in that the difficulty of refinement is directly proportional to how much and what type of energy it will store. In its raw form, magnom will store about 10 times more energy than what melivian can store, but it will indiscriminately absorb all types of energy, which generally makes it become volatile. Magnom must be refined so that it will only accept one type of energy and can be further refined to compress and store energy more efficiently, allowing it to store up to 100 times more energy than other variants of the same size.   Magnom quartz can absorb both latent and active energy directed at it, and this behavior can be adjusted during the refinement process. The absorbed energy becomes dormant and cannot be used to trigger embedded mentus. Even in its most refined form, magnom can only be activated to store or release energy either by striking it with another type of quartz or with precise channeler mentus.  

Products and Uses

Like many other quartz variants, on its own, magnom has very limited applications. It’s primarily used as a type of battery for large devices and systems that require vast quantities of mentus energy to run. Mentus can be directly infused by people or absorbed from other quartz within the device, depending on how its refined.   Magnom’s other main use is in devices that detect and absorb various exotic energies that might be potentially dangerous in certain environments. For example, rift energy is highly problematic for city cores, but a rift-detecting device can be fitted with magnom quartz to absorb rift energy if one forms nearby.
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Quartz Properties
Availability Low
Color Blue
Activation Mentus or Striking With Quartz
Synthesizable Yes
Emulatable No
Absorption 100%
Obstruction None
Deflection None
Passivity None

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