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Boulder Quartz

Boulder quartz is the most common variant because it grows naturally and abundantly in most mountains, caves, and bodies of water. Boulder quartz has a higher obstruction property than absorbing property, so it is the go-to quartz for most construction. In addition, boulder quartz has a unique ability. When it grows near another type of quartz, over time, boulder quartz gains the properties of that quartz.  

Characteristics & Properties

Boulder quartz is the most abundant form of quartz on the planet and grows plentifully in mountains, underground caves, rivers, lakes, and generally any location with the right environmental conditions. Its an extremely stable variant and very easy to mine, transport, and process. Like most quartz, boulder is clear with a faint purple tint that becomes more pronounced when struck by another piece of quartz or when it’s being affected by mentus.   Boulder quartz’s unique characteristic is that it is the “default” quartz variant. When first studying quartz growth, researchers learned that all quartz first starts out as boulder quartz. It will then transform to other types of quartz based on either environmental conditions, or it will take on the properties of whatever variant is growing nearby. Because of this, boulder quartz is always the base used to synthesize other variants.  

Processing & Refinement

Boulder quartz can be easily process for use in a variety of building materials and is the primary variant used to provide quartz shielding to buildings and cities. Boulder quartz can also be refined to hold embedded mentus, but it’s considered to be a poor substitute for more suitable variants like mentus quartz. Embedded mentus in boulder quartz will only last a few decades at most and it can only hold very basic mentus.  

Products and Uses

Building Materials & Construction Boulder quartz’s main use is as a primary ingredient in building materials. Though there are dozens of different types, the main two are quartcrete and quartgrate bricks. Quartcrete is similar to concrete but with quartz crystal added to the mixture. Similarly, quartgrate is a type of brick that uses processed boulder quartz in addition to other materials to form the brick. Both offer the same level of protection to any structure created with them.   Even in its raw form, boulder quartz blocks quickening and vision in the mentant realm, so for cities built in mountains or underground, raw boulder quartz is used to protect various areas by either utilizing existing quartz caves or creating pseudo-caves.   Basic Armor & Protection Refined boulder quartz is often used in cheap armor to provide basic protection against mentus-based attacks. It can hold simple embedded mentus to increase the efficacy of the armors protection. Because boulder quartz has a low absorption rate, it’s not nearly as useful or effective as mentus quartz and other variants. It can’t hold complex mentus and even basic mentus will only hold for up to a few decades depending on the refinement process.   Jewelry Boulder quartz is the primary variant used in jewelry. After refinement it can be easily cut into intricate and beautiful shapes and colored with mentus. In addition, jewelry created with quartz can offer some protection against external mentus.
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Quartz Properties:
Availability Abundant
Color Clear / Purple Tint / Purple (Refined)
Activation None
Synthesizable Yes
Emulatable Yes
Absorption 30%
Obstruction 70%
Deflection None
Passivity None

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