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Sisters of Golden Lyra


Sisters of Golden Lyra is a well respected and old organization, formed entirely by elven women. Members of The Golden Lyra are able spies, diplomats, and even assassins, though usually they are more keen on stopping assassins than becoming one.

Members are picked up fairly young among noble and wealthy ladies. Those chosen are signed with a mentor who teaches them arts, music, poetry, conversation, and social etiquette, making them talented entertainers for courts and the rich. They also learn herbalism, forming a connection, information gathering, and fighting.

As the recruits are ready to leave their mentors, they often work like bodyguards and advisors for whom they serve, as well as informants, protectors for young noble ladies and supporters of the family. They form alliances with one another and form spy networks to listen in the secrets whispered in the dark and to protect the realm.


Among the Guild, fresh recruits are called Hatchlings. Hatchlings are strictly under the wing of their mentor, often called "older sisters", learning and training before being sent to House of Lullabies or one of the other estates of the guild for further training and testing. If Hatchling passes the test, they become a Sparrow.

Sparrow are young members of the guild that starts to work on their own, though they might still be in close connection with their mentors. Sparrows gather information for the Guild, some manage to find themselves a permanent family to serve, others move from place to place. Once Sparrow has gotten more experience and prestige, they are promoted to Robins.

Robins are now full members of the guild and might take Hatchlings of their own. They are more involved with the guild, take more ambitious projects, and appear in highborn courts.

The oldest and most experienced of the sisters are known as Nightingales. There are only a few Nightingales at any given time. Most Nightingales do not so much run in courts any more as they manage the guild and train youngsters, yet some of them stay on the field, watching and listening. Most experienced and talented nightingale might be chosen as Mother Bird, whom works as the face and leader of the organization.

Public Agenda

Sisters of Golden Lyra are one of the many factions that are there to protect the realm, but instead of using swords and armor, they use words and diplomacy as their weapon. Golden Lyra strives to keep up stability and ease conflicts, protect families they serve and make better tomorrow with more feminine and motherly means.


Guild of Golden Lyra is almost as old as kingdom of Islenor. It is told that the first king, Vasandor Ralonsalor himself legitimized the organization, and it has been part of the culture ever since, changing form as the times went on.

Grace. Love. Loyalty.

Founding Date
In estimation around year 4490 in Age of Prosperity, over 4110 years before current era
Social, Brotherhood
Alternative Names
Guild of Golden Lyra, Golden Birds, Golden Sisters
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