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  • CENTURION 1.35%
  • USD -2.23%
  • ANVIL 5.55%
  • GOLD -5.03%
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  • WAR INC 0.94%
  • RAPTORS -2.93%
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The Day of Tomorrow, Today: Dimitris Eikonikós

CEO, Noble Laureate (a.k.a. "Snuggums", by wife.)

When this world isn't enough, we build new ones.  
— Dimitris Eikonikós
  Dimitris Eikonikós is the CEO and founder of Future-Day Entertainment and a pioneer in AVR (Augmented Virtual Reality) simulation. Through his megacorp and their subsidiaries, Dimitris controls a sizable share of the Megacorpolis's AVR Simulation Centers as well as the server-farms responsible for providing the necessary processing power.   Through his company and his vision, humanity has traveled to virtual worlds in ways never before imagined. Everything from AI to video games have felt the impact of his innovations.    
by Gary Sanchez

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

With the best anti-aging medication that money can buy and the physical therapy to go along with it, Dimitris remains in good physical health. Other than his eyes and beard, he has no other cybernetic or synth-tech implants.

Facial Features

Dimitris's magnificent beard has been voted 7th place on the "Top 100 Best Beards of CEOs" list. The fact that he is behind the CEO of Fun-guy Fungi Corporation annoys him and rumor holds that Future-Day Entertainment is planning to release a new line of synthbeards to blow the rest of the list out of the waters.  
That scraggly, wispy excuse for a beard has no place here above me on the list!  
— Dimitris

Mental characteristics


PhD in Corporatology (with a focus on Exploitation & Expansion)   PhD in Social-Psychology   Masters in VR-Programming and AI   Masteres in several other fields (all purchased/gifted, but no one really dares to bring that up)


Dimitris Eikonikós is the founder and acting CEO-In-Chief of the Future-Day Entertainment mega-corp.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Dimitris created the first successful Emotive Processing Server Farm, where living humans provide raw processing data to impart emotional depth to AI simulations. He further expanded on the concept by mixing the server farms with pharmaceutical tests and psychotropic experimentation.   While initial casualties were higher than expected, Dimitris was able to refine the processor rigs so that poor citizens could be used and casualties were no longer an issue.

Failures & Embarrassments

Dimitris has been the target of many assassins, but one in particular scarred the CEO both physically and mentally.   It was this attempt that cost him his left eye and it remains a humiliating sore spot for the CEO. Videos of Dimitris being attacked by three reGenesised velociraptors still circulate on various "Top Ten Best CEO Freakouts" lists, despite an army of lawyers filing copyright claim and take-down notices day and night.

Morality & Philosophy

Like most CEOs in Megacorpolis, Dimitris does not really have conventional morality. Profit, expansion and innovation are the guiding lights of Future-Day Entertainment. As is fashionable, Dimitris also spearheads a number of philanthropic projects - in particular climate and environmental restoration.   Behind the money and sleek tech, there is a second motive: revenge. Future-Day Entertainment's main competitor has long been a thorn in Dimitris's side. The two CEOs have been long-time rivals with a history of sabotage, assassination attempts and corporate chicanery.   Profit is great, but revenge is better.

Personality Characteristics


To make new worlds within the realms of technological simulation.


Family Ties

Dimitris has aged past most of his family but remains close with those who are still alive. His great-grandsons and daughters all hold important positions within the Megacorp. They all visit the parts of Greece still above water once a year, despite the assassination attempts.


Says "Actually" a lot.

Wealth & Financial state

Future-Day Entertainment and Dimitris are like most top-tier Megacorps wealthy enough to field armies, buy nations and fund the most extravagant ventures imaginable.
by Björk Stiernström
A Day In Thesselonia
Honorary & Occupational Titles
CEO of Future-Day Entertainment
Year of Birth
2027 81 Years old
Megacorpolis Sectio 7B - "Thesselonia"
Obvious Cybernetic
Synth-replacement brown
Corporate report: 71kg. Gossip Rags: 90~kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
Known Languages
"Money" is a universal means of communication.  
— Dimitris

Character Prototype
Future-Day Entertainment sponsors many forms of entertainment even outside its own brand. Dimitris has been featured in several movies and videogames.   The latest actor to play him being the heart-rob Lucius Luke Light who won an Oscar for "Best Supporting Corporate Sponsor".
Cyberpunk Skull-Arm
VR is old. Lets put a spin on it, lets make it sound.. More! How about "Amazing Virtual Reality"?  
— Marketing Guy
You're fired.  
— Dimitris


  The term "Augmented" as applied to VR has very little to do with functionality or even technical innovation. It was an highly successful marketing move that helped differentiate Dimitris own VR-rigs from competitions and highlighted the difference in simulation depth.        

Virtual Worlds

  With the simulations of virtual worlds beginning to match or even exceed physical reality, it's use has spread far beyond its origin as a medium of entertainment - and Future-Day Entertainment is on the front of it. Dimitris has overseen a number of promising initiates, from psychotherapy to prison and nursing homes for the elderly.   These so-called "people storage facilities" are attracting particular attention as a way of using less physical space and resources while keeping the person (or "goods") complacent in digitized contentment.


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Feb 17, 2019 23:21 by Ademal

Given that they were raptors, I worry wife might have been behind the attack. Assassination attempt, or accident? We may never know....

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Feb 18, 2019 07:41

Maybe that's exactly what the assassins want you to think :O

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Feb 19, 2019 12:04 by Tobias Linder

Well written article with engaging and humorous content. My only complaint is that it suffers somewhat from title-itis. It would perhaps be beneficial to construct your own titles and consolidate some of them to prevent the onslaught of headers.   You are, however, using descriptive quotes to fill out the space and make the article more airy, which is great. It does help offset the title-itis.

Feb 19, 2019 15:11 by Ava S. Jones

Wow, nice article. Good useage of quotes and images to break up the text.

Feb 19, 2019 16:40 by Nikki

Delicious capitalistic insanity; your article was extremely enjoyable and made me smile several times! For suggestions, maybe a section on his earlier life? Is anything known of his parents or who he was before he made it to this position? And regarding his position on the beard list, I believe writing 7th would appear nicer than simply 7; loved the list however! It made me crack up!

Feb 19, 2019 16:47

When I've mentioned the setting, I've used "Absurdist Cyberpunk" as a sort of short-hand and I think it matches. Just wait until I finish the not-quite-coffee of this world :D   Good point, I'll update that to 7th!   I'll think about that, if it's something people find interesting, for sure! I tend to be a bit lazy on the history part unless it's something particular. Whoops. :D   Thanks for the comment and the read! I'm glad you liked it :D

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Hah! It's a Beard-Off!   In the Morality section, you note that Future-Day's main competitor had been a thorn. However, I don't see who that competitor is? If it's elsewhere in the article and I missed it, I don't think it'd hurt to add that in for this section!   Narcissism thrives in Megacorpolis! I also think that the motivation section could be expanded a bit. Maybe say what brought him to the revelation of finding new worlds within technology rather than with it? Or add on some facet of his personality that fuels it. It just feels a little straightforward and meaningless at the moment.   Overall, great article. Lots of cool stuff here, but some refining should definitely be in the works. Hope I helped a bit with that, and thanks for sharing! :D

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Thanks for reading and commenting! :D   Yeah, some details still need to be hammered out since this is the first article in this setting.. I need to think of what other megacorps are around (and how insane they are :D )   I'll think about what I can add to his motivation. Thanks again <3

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Oct 17, 2021 01:08 by JRR Jara

After reading a lot of Megacorpolis articles this guy seems sort of okay XD. Did he ever get revenge?

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It is actually the first Megacorpolis ever! :D   And no, he'll need to hire some PCs for that :D

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Dec 10, 2021 19:03 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

This is an amazing article! I love this Dimitris XD   "Profit is great, but revenge is better." Perfectly right XD And I love that under language you have ""Money" is a universal means of communication." XD   And I really love the beard competition section XD   I agree with Melu, this seems like a really cool guy for megacorpolis :p

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