Pikitora Optics

Pikitora Optics (lit. "Sharp Eye Optics") is a Rostran manufacturing company located on Exivaun in the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy. The company is best known for its precision optical equipment, including the Manifold Reckoner.

Public Agenda

Pikitora Optics is best known for its contracts with the Navigator's Guild, where it provides the Manifold Reckoner line of portable navigation products. The company also holds a lucrative contract with the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy Marine Forces, providing rifle scopes, bomb sights, binoculars, and components for ballistic computers. The Guild has attempted to persuade Pikitora Optics in the past to break off their defense contracts with major powers, as this could risk complicating the Guild's official stance of non-partisanship with regard to international affairs, but Pikitora has always declined - each organization knows that it is, for now, too reliant on the other for critical resources to sever such lucrative ties over ideological differences.


Pikitora Optics is a comparatively small and inconspicuous company, conducting most of its business through organizational and governmental contracts rather than marketing its products to the general public. Pikitora Optics Laboratories is the main manufacturing facility for the company, featuring a glassworkign floor, machining floor, and numerous clean rooms for final assembly. A small office building a block down the street serves as the administrative heart of the company. Most of Pikitora Optics' capital investments go into the procurement and maintenance of precision manufacturing equipment and the retention of skilled machinists and engineers.   Like many Rostran-held companies, one's chances of obtaining employment at Pikitora Optics has a slight positive correlation with the number of family members one shares with people who already work there. However, because the primary selling point of Pikitora Optics products is their quality and precision, company management largely restrains their cultural impetus towards nepotism in the interest of acquiring talent that meets high standards of technical education and attention to detail. In this way, Pikitora has a reputation as being one of the most reliable businesses in the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy that isn't directly involved with import or export services.

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