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The Pantheon of Irial

The Frozen Temple, Cold As the Magnate of Ice Himself.

Written by WDMichael


  Deep in the Blackfoot Mountains rests an ancient kingdom of dwarves. The dwarves here have settled atop the mountain range and have found a simple yet comfortable way of living in the secluded mountain range. The capital city for the frozen dwarves living in Worheim is Culvingarrd. The city's buildings and houses are all made of a deep black marble that helps to keep the homes warm during the winter months. In the middle of the kingdom stands a magnificent pantheon that stands twice the height of any other building in the city. The sparkling white stone building was erected centuries ago in the center of Culvingarrd as a monument to their magnate of Ice Irial.  


  The Pantheon of Irial is crafted of white marble inlaid with lustrous purple gemstones that pulse with the cold heartbeat of winter. The pantheon can be seen standing well above any other building in the kingdom. The Pantheon of Irial is a massive structure with its white vaulted ceiling that is painted with the dwarven rulers and heroes of old. Purple gemstones are inlaid in the white marble throughout the structure.  

Religious Significance:

  The Pantheon is said to bring anyone who enters the doors closer to the Elemental Magnates who govern the universe, especially the Magnate of Ice Irial.  

Special Events:

  Whenever a life-changing event or ceremony happens in the city, dwarves from around the realm will assemble in the Pantheon of Irial. Holding meaningful events here is a way to show Irial respect and to receive the blessing of ice. The presentation of the new royal children, marriages, knighting ceremonies, and funerals are all held inside with room enough to seat hundreds  

Royal Children:

  The current ruling family is the Snowcloaks, and they have ruled Culvingarrd for a few generations. Whenever a new child is born into the ruling family, they are taken to the Pantheon of Irial and draped in the ancient Cloak of Snow. The cloak is quite dear to the family as the first dwarven queen of Culvingarrd wore it.  


  Young warriors who have shown bravery and courage in war are knighted in the Pantheon. They are required to kneel on the cold white marble at first sign of light. Tasked with waiting from the sunset to finally pass for when it does they may stand as a Knight. The ceremony is a means of showing through action their determination to protect the realm of Worheim.  


  Any Marriage from a large family or a ruling family is held in the pantheon. Having a wedding outside of the temple is said to bring bad luck to the newlywed couple.  


  All dead no matter their status in life are blessed and receive a ceremony at the Pantheon of Irial.
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