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Introduction to Magic

Introduction to Magic is a basic academic textbook about magic. It is used all around the world. Unlike textbooks used in primary schools, secondary schools and high schools it goes very in-depth withe every subject it touches.

The true nature of magic still eludes us. Some say that is the lifeforce of all living beings on Earth. Others claim that it is the 5th element, just like fire, water, air and earth. The only thing we all can agree is that magic is an ability of a person to manipulate parts of the world.
— Excerpt from the book


The book was written to compile all basic information about magic in one place. It allows students of magical art to easily learn new things and revise their knowledge.

Document Structure


Chapter 1

Chapter 1 talks about what magic is. It presents all current theories about the nature of magic and shows arguments for and against each of them. In this chapter the reader also learns about magical energy.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 talks about the basics of casting spells. It shows the basic hand gestures and shows examples of incantations. It also talks about the importance of intent in casting spells.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is the first of chapters dedicated to describing schools of magic. It talks about elemental magic and its four schools (pyromancy, hydromancy, geomancy and aeromancy).

Chapter 4

In chapter 4 the reader learns about other schools of magic. It talks about necromancy, tulpamancy, alchemy, herbalism and divine magic.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 talks about blood magic. As the book was wrote shortly after the Blood Magic Ban, it doesn't go into much detail.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6, the last chapter of the book, talks about magical technology and presents the promising areas of research. This chapter is reguarly updated in newer editions of the book.

Publication Status

The book is widely available around the world. It can be found in bookstores and libraries.

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