High Ministry of Magic

The High Ministry of Magic is an imperial ministry of the Sura Empire, dedicated to the regulation and control of magic within the bounds of the expansive empire. It was founded by the Nen An Besh Proclamation in 2220 YSB, when unregulated magic use was banned by the passing of the proclamation.   The Ministry is based in the city of Asekara, where it operates its headquarters, and the sole academy for mages in Sura. It manages approved spells, magical education, the enforcement of the ban on magic, licensing of foreign mages, mage job placements, and a large bureaucracy dedicated to all these functions. The Ministry is headed by a priest of the Temple of the One and Six Gods, and operates under their supervision. It nominally reports to the Emperor.   Within Sura the ministry is one of the most influential. It's control over mages, who power the modern economy, allows it to make or break industries, initiatives or laws. It is one of the most often criticised aspects of Temple control within the Suran government, and many of the old nobility would prefer the control of mages were to be under their own hands.


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