Who can you become in Lyra?

Written by Dimitris Havlidis, Creative editing by Janet Forbes

Lyra is a world of wonder and danger, with countless opportunities for adventuring and making a name for yourself. As an Attuned, your will can shape the world around you: in effect, you are a superhero-in-the-making, setting out to explore a world of flying ships and pirates, uncharted islands, and dense jungles packed with terrifying dangers and incredible mysteries.

Creating yodaur protagonist will mean learning a bit about the setting, so you can create real connections to the world and its wonders. Sure, you can play a swashbuckling pirate or a healing priest, but where do you come from, what are your goals and beliefs, who will be your allies and your enemies?

In Lyra, you can play any of the five Predominant species and choose from a variety of backgrounds and careers, ethnicities, motivations and feats to build a truly unique character. Below is a small sample of the different kinds of protagonists you can create.


Example protagonists

The Ealari Freedom Fighter

Your parents rebelled against their Imperial overlords, and because of this, you grew up in the wild highlands of North Thebia, evading Imperial reach. The fertile new world presents a unique chance for you and your compatriots to build a utopia, and finally be free from the clutches of the oppressive Empire.

Species: Anthros
Ethnicity: Ealari
Faction: Unaligned

The Messian Pirate Captain

Your father was a sailor, your father's father was a sailor, and even your pet turtle is a sailor. But while they mastered the waves, you will now master the seven winds aboard your flying ship. The new world is your oyster, and you will loot and plunder the fat company ships sailing to and from it, and make your destiny come true. You, together with your crew, will carve out your path in blood and gold.

Species: Anthros
Ethnicity: Messian
Faction: Unaligned, Pirate Nation

The Ex-Imperial Soldier

For the last 7 years, you dutifully served the Imperial Navy. Now, honorably discharged after completing your service, you're looking for the funds to purchase your Captain's commission. Highly trained with most standard issue weaponry - navy's saber, handaxe, musket and rifle - you can excel in any position on a flying ship, and aim a cannon with care and precision. As specialist for hire, you are always ready for the next job, eager for the money to purchase your comission and finally become a ranked officer aboard a mighty warship.

Species: Anthros
Ethnicity: The Holy Theban Empire
Faction: Unaligned

The Prospector

New lands mean new wealth - metals, gems and, of course, silver and gold. You understand the earth around you, how to find those glittering seams of bounty, and how to mine them from the ground. And beyond that, you know that one lucky find, maybe the next one, and you will have all the wealth you need for the world to belong to you.

Species: Anthros
Ethnicity: The Holy Theban Empire, Nayan, Rhionni
Faction: The Holy Theban Empire, Grand Duchy of Naya, Kingdom of Rhionnin

The Trailblazer / Scout

You arrived in Nyria when you were young, and settled in this wild land with your colonist parents. The nearby jungles became your back-garden, the white beaches, your sandbox. Now you are at home where others fear to tread, and you make your living hunting, gathering herbs, and guiding your kinsmen into the wilderness. You know the locals - their traditions and language - and are a trusted presence to them.

Species: Anthros
Ethnicity: Theban Akemani
Faction: The Holy Theban Empire, Unaligned

The Naturalist

Certainly, Nyria is a long way from the gilded halls of the Universityvu, but this frontier is where the most important discoveries await, and you won't rest until you can return, celebrated, with at least three new species bearing your name to future generations. You understand, and are fascinated by, the natural world. You know your herbs, poisons and animals. Your bestiaries will be the stuff of legend.

Species: Anthros
Ethnicity: Getunnieri
Faction: Royal University of Getunne Ria

The Archaeologist / Explorer

Stories of newly discovered Ancient temples and astonishing relics are flooding academic circles. You know your way around ruins and their traps, and have studied secrets most haven't even heard of. You can translate Ancient texts, navigate Ancient architecture and solve enigmatic riddles better than anyone, and forgotten artifacts, secrets and technology await you, whether you choose to sell them to highest bidder, or return them to your museum. Either way, your pockets will be lined and generations will speak of your discoveries.

Species: Anthros
Ethnicity: Larissian, Getunne Ria
Faction: University Any, Unaligned

The Cook

It all begins and ends with you. The best fighter, swordsman or captain is nothing without a good meal and a drink. You know how to make people smile with the right dish and a joke, can rustle up something delicious out of nothing, and your grog is the stuff of legends. And when it comes to action, you have a rolling pin and a frying pan with their name on it.

Species: Anthros Ymirsen Vulpe
Ethnicity: Theban Ealari Lamiri, Any
Faction: The Holy Theban Empire, South Nyria Company SNC, Unaligned

The Priestess of the All-Mother

Born in Getunne Ria, you have been selected to become a priestess of the All-Mother. Now, your calling is to spread the true religion to the new world, protect the innocent, and heal the sick. Your ability to control fire is unmatched, and nations and corporations will pay crowns a-many to have you represent their interest while spreading the word of the All-mother.

Species: Anthros
Ethnicity: Getunnieri
Faction: Helianism

The Theban Quintilioness of the Imperial Cult

Your word is more than law, it is the word of the Empress herself, and you bring the rule of the Empire with you whever you go. Here in the Nyrian Archipelago as at home, your subjects submit their anima to you, and you heal and protect them. Your mission, with the help of your Wardens, is to bring civilization to the wild frontier, and to support the Empire's troops as they endeavour to extend the Imperial grasp.

Species: Anthros
Ethnicity: Theban
Faction: The Holy Theban Empire

The Theban Warden of the Quintilioness

You were born a servant of the Empire, and were trained by the best. Now, you are the best. Weilding force blade or glaive, and protected by powerful Battleform platemail armor, you are among the most devastating and feared warriors in the world. Your mission is to protect your Quintilioness and the innocent, enforce the will of the Empress, and bring peace and prosperity to this wild new land.

Species: Anthros
Ethnicity: Theban
Faction: The Holy Theban Empire

The 7 Swords Mercenary

Fast, strong and cunning, you are lethal with a blade, though your word cuts deeper, and you'll work for anyone that fits your moral path, as long as the pay is good. Here in the new world, you're far from the familiar streets of your home city, but the Guild of the 7 Swords has a chapter house almost everywhere, the new port towns of the Nyrian Archipelago included. Your guild will gladly give you assignments, and a wealth of local know-how on the where, when, what, and whom, in exchange for a hefty commission cut.

Species: Anthros Ymirsen
Ethnicity: Nyrian
Faction: Seven Swords Brotherhood

The Femean Trader

Buy low, sell high, pad the merchandise, and perhaps a little false advertising, but there is no word more important in your dictionary than PROFIT. You'll do whatever's necessary to make yourself, your company, and your family, richer and more powerful. You spend your free time extending your reputation with extensive spending, either building out your harem or dallying in the courts of nobles who will no doubt one day require your services - provided they can afford you. Privateering is just another convenient way to turn profit, and your flying ship is either armed to the teeth or faster than a will-charged bullet.

Species: Anthros
Ethnicity: Femean
Faction: South Nyria Company SNC

The Scoundrel

Born on the streets of Thebes, the great metropolis, you have stolen, haggled, blackmailed, punched and stabbed your way to the top of the cesspit that is the criminal underworld. You are infamous for making things appear and disappear and, though your daggers are deadly, you know that the damage you can do by picking any lock can hurt far more. You deal in secrets, have connections everywhere, and if you can't steal it, it doesn't exist.

Species: Anthros Ymirsen Deamkin
Ethnicity: Nyrian
Faction: Unaligned

The Larissian Alchemist

Chemistry is your mistress - and you treat her well, she obliges you with wonders most can only imagine. With just your mind and a few base componants, you can create Gunpowder, Medicines, and the most extraordianry Adium crystals. The materials needed to create the best weapons and armor are your stock and trade. But what you really want is to explore the new world, to uncover the secrets held in Ancient tombs, create elaborate almost-magical new contraptions, and even discover ways to cheat death itself.

Species: Anthros
Ethnicity: Larissian
Faction: The Holy Theban Empire, Unaligned

The Akemani Colonist

There is a brave new world that needs your pickaxe and woodaxe, your skills and knowhow, and your strong back, to become a fertile and prosperous land. You came to the new world to build a brighter future for your family, and you'll do anything to defend your new home. But you dream of more, of bringing civilization and wealth to this new frontier. Your success will attract others, and you will lead them to a better future.

Species: Anthros
Ethnicity: Akemani
Faction: The Holy Theban Empire

The Rhionni Spy

Rhionnathan might still officially be part of the Empire, but the new Nyrain lands give are a great chance to seize the upper hand, to at last strike out and become an independent nation. You serve your Duke, and will do everything in your power to protect the new Rhionni settlements whilst gathering information about the movements of the Empire, companies and other factions. Although you prefer the stealth of whispered words and your stiletto knife, if things take a bad turn your skill with gunpowder will assure your success.

Species: Anthros
Ethnicity: Rhionni Ealari
Faction: Kingdom of Rhionnin
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Michiel Molenaar
Character | Feb 10, 2022
Sunny by Bob Kehl

The Gilirani Artificer

You can build anything: flying ships, energy swords, mighty battleform armor, anima-mechanical limbs - the greatest animechanical wonders of the Empire. If only you could find the secret recipes of the Ancients, you could glean a deeper understanding of the almost-mystical arts of artifice, and take your craft to new heights. You are in the new world to discover those secrets, and your skills make you invaluable as a mechanic, shipwright or weaponsmith for the rich. By the end, you are certain, you will be a master of all animachines. Or die trying.

Species: Anthros
Ethnicity: Gilirani
Faction: The Holy Theban Empire, Unaligned

The Nayan Black Wolf Knight

Your have passed your trials: killed a monstrous alligator in the south, survived the journey to the Frozen Gate and even captured your white worg pup. Now, a lone wolf, you must develop your skills with your power claws, and train your Worg to become a trusted battle mount, before you can rejoin the pack. Donned in the battleform armor of the Black Wolves, you look like the stuff of nightmare incarnate as you travel to the new world, gaining knowledge and hoaning your skills until you are ready to take your place as a Knight among the ranks of the Black Wolf Pack.

Species: Anthros
Ethnicity: Nayan
Faction: Grand Duchy of Naya

The Axiemi Loremaster

You travelled the oceans from Viliria, past Thebia, to reach the shores of the Nyrian Archipelago. You are on a mission to record the history of this unfamilar people, their traditions and beliefs, to enrich both your own understanding of the world, and your people's. You might not look like much, but you are a master of martial arts and the innocuous walking stick you carry is a deadly quarterstaff in your hands.

Species: Vulpe
Ethnicity: Axiemi
Faction: Vilirian Dominion

The Huang Medicine Man

The secrets of medicine are hidden deep in the creations of nature, and new lands mean new discoveries. All life is sacred, and you'll try to heal any living creature on Lyra, but to do so you have to expand your horizons and understanding of how living beings work. You have reached Nyria as a ship's surgeon, and your journey of discovery is only just beginning.

Species: Vulpe
Ethnicity: Huang
Faction: Vilirian Dominion

The Eledhrin Jungle Warrior

You know the jungle like the back of all four of your hands. You live in treetops or above the canopy and, with your trusted bonded creatures, you hunt and protect your tribe. Curious of the new-comers, you find yourself part of an exploration mission deep into the jungles of your forefathers, deeper than any of your tribe have ever ventured. You can lift mountains, and your hidden bone-blades make sure you come out on top against danger. Strong and resilient, you will bring honor to the spirits of your ancestors.

Species: Eledhrim
Ethnicity: Acheanil
Faction: Acheani Warrior Cast
by Bob Ke

The Freed Doll

Taken from your people as a child, you were crafted into a toy, an obedient thing of soul-rending beauty, eloquent enough to make any noble gasp, and trained to play with people's hearts. With the help of the Lady you escaped your Femean masters, and have tasted freedom for the first time as an adult. You find yourself in the protection of a freedom-fighting pirate crew, where you have been shown true kindness for the first time and have found a family. A good thing too, for despite your skills, you are in constant danger: your own bloodkin see you as an abomination, and most in the Old World - as they call themselves - see you as valuable cargo to be stolen, enjoyed and sold on when they tire of your charms.

Species: Eledhrim
Ethnicity: Nyrian
Faction: Unaligned
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Character | Mar 23, 2022
    So... What are you waiting for? Create your hero! Lyra awaits for your story to be written!

Infinite permutations

In Lyra you can choose out of
  • 5 Species
  • 6 Attunements
  • Over 20 Backgrounds
  • Over 200 Careers
  • Over 50 Ethnicities
  • ... and a variety of feats and skills to make even your starting character absolutely unique and tailored to exactly what you want to create. Individuality, freedom and creativity are the three most important pillars of the character creation process of Lyra.

    Imagery Copyright Notice

    All images on the article are copyrighted and used under open permission by Bob Kehl.
    Check out his incredible work

    Iconic Pregenerated Characters
    Generic article | Feb 1, 2022
    Hero Creation
    Generic article | Jul 14, 2022

    Step by step guide of how to create a hero.

    Choose your Access type

    Choosing Playtester will give you access to the articles required to create a character and play the game


    Warning Choosing Gamemaster will reveal to you secrets of the world and hooks that should only be read by people aiming to run games in Lyra, do not choose this if you wish to play as a player ar some point

    Cover image: Port Town Noble by Bob Kehl


    Author's Notes

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read through our work, we really appreciate you taking the time. <3
    Leave a comment below with your favourite of the above protagonists - and please ask me any question you might have!

    -- Dimitris & Janet

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    Deity ka_jan
    Jan Kaltenecker
    13 Aug, 2021 12:54

    I really like the variety Lyra provides! I'd probably play a Rhionni Spy even though the Cook sounds equally enticing. The Freed Doll sounds like a very fascinating concept to play as.   Looking forward to the referenced Articles becoming available :)

    "Thunder rolled. It got a 6." — Guards, Guards by Sir Terry Pratchett
    Island-Inquest awaits!
    Forgemaster Dimitris
    Dimitris Havlidis
    13 Aug, 2021 12:56

    Soooon! Ethnicities and Species are certainly very high up the list because they are needed for character creation.   We are working on creating some of those characters with a full character sheet, short story and possibly even portrait so they can chosen to be played in the Play test sessions.

    Join me, become a Sky Pirate in the world of Lyra!

    13 Aug, 2021 13:03

    This is such a fun and unique concept, to list possible character types and backstories. (I am so excited to see you having fun with your writing, too! <3)

    Lead Author of Vazdimet.
    Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
    13 Aug, 2021 13:43

    Cool overview! I would probably play either an archeologist or an Axiemi loremaster. Sounds like those would go on exceptional adventures :)

    Check out my world World Behind the Veil!
    13 Aug, 2021 13:51

    What a fantastic article. The character choices are well varied and really interesting. I look forward to seeing more.   The Gilirani Artificer
    Being an artificer to blend magic and science, hell ya. Easy choice as I get to craft and use all the cool things. No come with me as we step aboard my ship, the Bitter Luck.   Gilirani
    for thier industries trade skills and solid work ethic.   The Holy Theban Empire
    May as well roll with the big dogs.   It also doesn't hurt to make some gold crowns along the way while perfecting my trade.

    Featured Articles in the Shadow War across Creation by Graylion

    13 Aug, 2021 14:36

    Looks like people are interested in similar 'classes', I'd be totally in for a Vulpe whatever, but Anthros Theban Warden of the Quintilioness and Vulpe The Huang Medicine Man also sound interesting, the dude in front or the dude in the back when it comes to a fight. :D Also aDeamkin Scoundrel... hm. :D

    13 Aug, 2021 15:23

    This is looking fantastic! I'd love to play a madman version of The Archaeologist/ The Explorer who is a Larrisian scholar. These are all super awesome and unique characters~!

    13 Aug, 2021 16:37

    Everything here sounds amazing! It was really hard picking my favorites but the Loremaster and the Priestess are definitely my choices. The Vulpe and Ymirsen are my choices for species.   Awesome work and I can't wait for more!

    Co-creator of the fantasy worlds Isekai & Seireitei
    Creator of the medieval fantasy world Trisad
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    13 Aug, 2021 18:31

    I really love the practically limitless combinations one could have on just one type of protagonist! I have no idea which my favorite would be, they all sound so fun. :D

    ~TimeBender~Check out the first chapter of my newest book on World Anvil (Spoiler I'm posting the entire book for free): 1/The First Rule of Monsterborn Adoptions
    13 Aug, 2021 18:37

    Looks good! Good variety too! Needs more sidebar, or use of a full footer to really nail the formatting though.   Looks like Lyra's a nice place to play!

    Author of prize-winning RPG settings Dark Shadows and Cinders of the Cataclysm. Designer of the narratively focused Celenia D10 RPG System.
    13 Aug, 2021 20:56

    My favorite protagonists would definitely be The Eledhrin Jungle Warrior, as I mean who doesn't want to play a six-limed, bone-blade wielding, flesh-transformer ^_^   I presume it is mandatory to always make the "Predator Clicking Noise" while playing this character :D ?

    Author of Cenorad ; a bleak-dark sandbox of creativity.
    Forgemaster Dimitris
    Dimitris Havlidis
    14 Aug, 2021 03:56

    No, but a good clicking language is always great for communication in a jungle ... this is becoming a new article today. Thank you Sloqush

    Join me, become a Sky Pirate in the world of Lyra!

    14 Aug, 2021 12:14

    Your most welcome :D I'm looking forward to what you come up with ^_^

    Author of Cenorad ; a bleak-dark sandbox of creativity.
    14 Aug, 2021 04:32

    Simply Love the layout of this article!, Gives the reader so many options to choose from as well. Love the variety that is provided as well!

    Come check out my entry for this month's challenge: Children of the Goddess of Love
    Master Alixzere
    John Johnson
    14 Aug, 2021 09:13

    Cool layout and idea, big fan of the artificer and wolf knight, but I have no idea what this actually is. Could someone please explain me ?

    14 Aug, 2021 20:07

    Definitely the Gilirani Artificer!   I always loved crafting things in RPGs - the more awesome things, the better!

    Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
    15 Aug, 2021 00:30

    I absolutely love the bit on The Cook. So, so true -- definitely the most important of them all here! >:D

    Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
    15 Aug, 2021 06:23

    I love the variety of options here! I wonder about the challenge of having, say, both an Ealari Freedom Fighter and an Ex-Imperial Soldier in the same party...

    Author of the Wyrd West Chronicles and the Toy Soldier Saga. Mother of Bunnies, Eater of Pickles, Friend of Nerds, First of her Name.
    15 Aug, 2021 07:15

    I think character "class" choices should be done in a session zero, where everyone tells their interests and then they find a working combination of classes. Like if you had 4 healers, or 4 people of science, that might not work.... OR it might inspire a completely different game, that the GM had not planned. So session zero to minimize overlaps and letting the GM push the teamp composition into the right direction. :)

    Sage eccbooks
    E. Christopher Clark
    15 Aug, 2021 14:13

    The Messian Pirate Captain was my favorite, because before a few generations ago my family were all sailors and the sea (or the sky, in this case) calls to me!

    Check out my article for the 2022 Summer Camp Reading Challenge
    29 Aug, 2021 11:15

    Sure your ancestors weren't pirates, Mr ClARRRRk? :D

    Sage eccbooks
    E. Christopher Clark
    29 Aug, 2021 21:56

    What aRRRRRRRRR you implying, good sir?

    Check out my article for the 2022 Summer Camp Reading Challenge
    19 Aug, 2021 00:18

    The Rhionni Spy, Nayan Black Wolf Knight, and Eledhrin Jungle Warrior appeal to me the most.

    23 Aug, 2021 12:52

    The Naturalist or the Cook for me, I think. :D I love those ideas. I will discover lots of new mushrooms or bonk people on the head with my rolling pin! I love the sheer variety of different ideas here.

    Forgemaster Dimitris
    Dimitris Havlidis
    24 Aug, 2021 05:02

    Tee hee! Maybe you can play a Cook who is also a Naturalist!

    Join me, become a Sky Pirate in the world of Lyra!

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