Amaranthe (a.k.a. The White Lion)

Taken from your people as a child, you were crafted into a toy, an obedient thing of soul-rending beauty, eloquent enough to make any noble gasp, and trained to play with people's hearts. With the help of the Lady you escaped your Femean masters, and have tasted freedom for the first time as an adult. You find yourself in the protection of a freedom-fighting pirate crew, where you have been shown true kindness for the first time and have found a family. A good thing too, for despite your skills, you are in constant danger: your own bloodkin see you as an abomination, and most in the Old World - as they call themselves - see you as valuable cargo to be stolen, enjoyed and sold on when they tire of your charms.
  • Born in 1498 in the small village of Pyloin in the Estuary of the Tartaren River
  • Abducted, along with her beloved younger brother by agents working for the South Nyria Company SNC in 1503 after having seen her mother, father and two elder brothers slaughtered by them
  • Sent to the Workshop of Ignacy Mendyk, the Dollmaker deep in the jungle of Moshta island.
  • Over the next 7 years Amaranthe was forced into a process to transform from an Eledhrim into a Doll. Daily physical torture and invasive mental probing and conditioning by Ignacy and his assistants molded her into a completely different creature.
  • Tall, fair of skin with long golden hair and big blue eyes, looking more like a human with the signatute long tipped ears of an Eledhrim.
  • Amaranthe became Ignacy's masterwork when he managed to find a way deep in her mind to mould her third and forth arms to turn into ten large red rose-like petals extending outwards and round her from her back. These petals used to be her fingers that got ellongated, pressed and stretched physically while also mentally she was forced to mutate them to hold their new shape and colour.
  • At the same time Amaranthe was tutored on how to be obedient and how to fulfill the desires of her masters-to-be by elder concubines in the service of the company.
  • Ignacy became obssessed with Amaranthe and would not allow anyone but him to interact with her until she was "complete" (Normally a doll's "first time" would be auctioned to nobles that would be invited to a secret location to bid, win and then enjoy them). Ignacy, utterly inlove with his creation gave her access to the best Education possible.
  • When she has reached her 16th cycle, Ignacy had to give her up to the company to be sold. Although Ignacy offered to buy her, the price that was ascribed to his masterwork by the company's appraiser was extremely high, valued at 450,000 Imperial Crowns, a price equivalent to a frigate of the Imperial Navy. The share of the profits would make Ignacy one of the richest people in archipelago, but also drive him mad.
  • At that point the most expensive doll ever made was sent to Port d'Azur to be auctioned off.
  • Reaching the port, Amaranthe will realised that her young brother, that was transformed into a muscular, lean, subdued Drudge was also to be auctioned off, seeing him, cracked her soul, it was the first time in years that she had any desires other than the ones she was instructed to have. Pain and anger overtook her and her captors had to sedate her with Laha tears fumes but not before her rage became a powerful mental shockwave that killed two of her 6 guards almost instantenously. At that point Amaranthe was fitted with a donut shaped Kymvorite necklace Kymvorite until Ignacy could come from his workshop and wipe off the memory of seeing her brother from her mind.
  • The very day during an grandiose gala attended by the richest and most powerful of Thebia, Amaranthe got exhibited on top of an elaborate float in the form of a magical garden with her into a glass made glass dome like an enchanted rose. Everyone fell into silence and her beauty had people tear and being stopped from removing their clothes in ecstacy. The auction started at 100,000 Crowns and soon enough her price sky rocketed above 500,000, having people pledging castles and whole estates. At that point her cage ascended up and 100 white doves were released around her as she stretched her petals and started singing. At this point people started crying and many fainted. By the end of her sorrowful song her price was 1 milion crowns pledged by the Archduke of Naya Anshar Allamu-Volfstark
  • The Heist: Janette Forbés as member of the aristocratic elite of Port d'Azur was also invited in the gala. but her goal was not to bid but to rescue Amaranthe and strike a significant blow to the SNC and the dolltrade in general. Janette's agents had already convinced Ignacy to help them free Amaranthe so they can reunite him with her and spirit them away. With his help Janette's agents made sure that once the price was paid for Amaranthe to the SNC, the Duke would wait for delivery while the SNC was waiting for his agents to pick here up. The people who appeared to pick Amaranthe were in fact Janette's agents who manage to take her away and hide here in the Jardin du Saur.
  • It was there that Amaranthe will spend the next year of her life in the company of Janette as she did her best to help her being deprogrammed, accept herself for who she is and mend some of her trauma. After a year in the garden Amaranthe was ready and at last able ot lead her own life. She decided to join the cause of her rescuer and join a crew of freedom fighters and fight for the rights of those that cannot fend for themselves and free as many of the dolls and drudges she can find.
  • In order to conceal her identity Amaranthe decided, when in public to wear an all-white mask and to bind her petals and hiding them under a hooded white lion fur cloak. Her alternative personality is known as the "white-lion".
  • Relationships

    Ignacy Mendyk

    Maker (Important)

    Towards Amaranthé




    Nemesis (Vital)

    Towards Ignacy Mendyk



    Current Location
    Other Ethnicities/Cultures
    Year of Birth
    1498 AI 23 Years old
    Green-blue & wide open
    Wavy golden hair
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Fair white
    Iconic Character
    The Doll

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