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Scholastic Academy


The Academy is overseen by the Headmaster. They have the final say on schema of study, employment of professors, admission of students, and even if a student receives a diploma. This Headmaster is selected by the the Gold Dragonfolk delegation to the Council of Clans. The academy is divided into four colleges: the Frost School of Fine Art, the Kaufman School of Philosophy and Governance, the Aztook College of Magic, and the College of Natural Science. Each of these colleges have a Dean that oversees them. The Dean is the one to run most of the day to day operations. The Dean makes all decision in regards to their college that the Headmaster does not want to. It is uncommon for the Headmaster to override a Dean but has happen from time to time. Below the Deans are the heads of each departments who set the exact courses and who will teach them. Finally below them is the general faculty, while these are the main professors all the administrators above them do teach as well.


While much of the Republic is dominated by a strong class system the faculty of the Academy is quite diverse. While only Gold Dragonfolk serve as Deans and Headmasters almost every race is represented in the faculty and student body. The application prosses for both faculty and student are conduced blinded in regards to race, gender, and financial capabilities. Many students who are unable to pay will receive awards or scholarships in order to cover the cost.

Public Agenda

The official goals of the Academy is to find and collect all forms of knowledge regardless of its use to regular life. They have no issues spending time and money researching something completely pointless just to say that they have. Knowledge for knowledge's sake is their unofficial moto. The academy seeks out individuals who are highly capable in any field of knowledge, they are then encouraged to apply and come to the Academy. While most of the students of the Academy are adults children are allow admissions if they are seen as prodigies in their field, this is more common in the Aztook school of Magic than any other.


During the Eastern Reconquest and other military and political actions the Academy has acquired a substantial endowment. While the exact amount is not known the Academy has been able to build extensive facilities in the city of North and have research locations around the world. The Academy is also said to hold a selection of magical artifacts and unique spells, that along with some of the best minds in their fields.


In 958 ce the Mage's School was founded, this would later become the College of Magecraft (973 ce) and then the Aztook School of Magic named after a highly accomplished wizard who served as the head of the department of experimental magics for fifty years. At the end of the Eastern Reconquest the school expanded to include the Federal School of Governance and Philosophy (973 ce) and officially changed its name to the Scholastic Academy. The Academy would quickly expand to have the College of Natural Science (978 ce). Then some time went by until the Frost School of Fine Art (1102) was added and the Federal School of Governance and Philosophy was renamed to Kaufman School of Philosophy and Governance (1223 ce). The Frost School was named after one Robbert Frost one of the only major Merfolk poets and authors of his time. The Kaufman School of Philosophy and Governance was named after Dr. Kaufman shortly after he passed away.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Lead Through Knowledge

Founding Date
21st of Armies March in the Year 958 ce
Education, Magic
Alternative Names
The Academy, the Mage's School (former)
Leader Title
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities


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