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Doctor Kaufman

Mental characteristics


Dr. Kaufman was one of the first to be given a federal scholarship to attend the Scholastic Academy in the city of North - the scholarship has since been renamed to the Kaufman Award. During his time at the academy, he was taught the basics of most subjects, except magic. He was one of a few Dragonfolk that were magically incapable. As such, the academy focused his education on the sciences and humanities. Dr. Kaufman would quickly become one of the academy's finest philosophical scholars and most eloquent authors. Many of Dr. Kaufman's philosophical works are used as introductory readings for philosophy students due to how easy they are to read and comprehend. Dr. Kaufman would graduate the Scholastic Academy in 1061 ce.


Upon graduating from the Scholastic Academy Dr. Kaufman was offered a position in the academies philosophy department. Dr. Kaufman would turn this down in order to create a small school of his own where he taught orphans to read, write, and do basic math. It was here that he found three Dragonfolk students that would keep publishing works related to his research after his death. Dr. Kaufman's main source of income was from the royalties on his major books and poems.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Dr. Kaufman is revered as one of the greater authors and philosophers of the Common Era. His work on the philosophy of time is still the best work in its field.

Morality & Philosophy

Dr. Kaufman, in his book A Critique of Time Itself, showed how time is not linear but instead something created. The gods are the ones who push and pull time in order for it to make sense to mortal, however, it is the mortals that actually control it. Dr. Kaufman theorized that if all mortal stopped using time in their lives that reality around them would start to shift and change, in other words, time itself would be erased and replaced with events all happening at the same time. Of course, this has never been proven or tested. The biggest part of the critique was the theory that traveling backward and forward in time is possible. No magic or science currently allows mortals to do this but it is believed that the gods are able to travel freely among the years.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Date of Birth
19th of 7th in the year 1129 ce
929 ce 1223 ce 294 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Was born an orphan in the city of Winter Swamp
Winter Swamp
Aligned Organization


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