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Zaman the Gatekeeper

Zaman is an official who works at the East Gate in the city of Udyn. He stands there with his abacus between two mean-looking armed guards and collects the toll for entering the city. He also instructs foreigners, especially non-Bahites, in the regulations they must submit to while in town. Namely, non-Bahites may not carry weapons or ride horses in town, they must stay in the Nart Quarter (if they are Gaalites), and they must wear a ribbon that identifies them as a member of a minority group (blue for Gaalites, and yellow for Fogarma). Notably, he reveals this information in pieces, and after the toll has been paid.   For those who bring weapons, he makes a bearer (the boy Ahmed, among others) available to transport weapons to the Nart Quarter.   Zaman's ethnicity is unclear. He has tan skin and a graying goatee, speaks Kochmak and Noriki, and likely, other languages as well.   He presumably resides within the city.   Zaman appears in Chapter 8.

Current Location

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