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Radei Lopukh (the Burdock)

Radei was the leader of a band of smugglers based in the hideout west of Yelizarovo, and just north of the Vydra River. The hideout may have been Radei's home, while the other smugglers generally lived in Yelizarovo or other villages belonging to the Yelizarovs.   Radei is roughly 30 years of age, short, but heavy-set.   The smugglers partnered with Yelizarov, Trofimov, and Lionia the Red in moving goods flowing upstream from Radomysl in circumvention of princely duties. They also engaged in trapping, probably in violation of local ordinances, but with at least the tacit approval of Yuri Yelizarov.   Radei himself was a rather gruff man who had a low opinion of most authority, especially religious institutions (with which he may have at one time been linked). He was also suspicious of strangers. At the same time, when faced with a conflict in which he was unlikely to prevail, he was willing to negotiate: when Yaga's Yokels came to him, demanding the liberation of Vasya Toptygin, he offered them a chance to convince the bear-man to follow them.   Radei fled in the wake of the ensuing confrontation, and has not been seen by the Yokels since. He likely does not remember them fondly, though it is known that prior to the altercation, he also had a falling out with Lionia, who betrayed him, and stole the smuggler's treasure after convincing them to chase down the Yokels instead. Despite the partnership, he also had tensions with Yelizarov, who wanted to change the terms of their relationship to be more favorable to his interests.   Radei's current whereabouts are unknown.

165 lbs.

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