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Radei Lopukh's hideout

This was a small house in the woods west of Yelizarovo village, and just north of the Vydra River. It served as the base for the band's smuggling activities. It is unclear how many of the smugglers lived there full-time, but Vasya Toptygin, who was hiding out from Baba Yaga and her minions, and possibly the leader of the band, Radei, did seem to spend most of their time there.   The hut was surrounded by a hedge, to keep it concealed from prying eyes. The smugglers also used a nearby burial mound to frighten away potential visitors. Inside, it was a typical one-story peasant hut, with a stove, and with windows on all sides to allow for defense. The door was protected by an anvil balanced above the door-frame. It is not clear whether anything was kept in the rafters, the cellar, or anywhere else in the hut.   The hut was partially burned down as a result of the party's fight with the smugglers. It is not certain whether it has been fixed, or is once again inhabited, since Radei and and some of the other smugglers fled.

Purpose / Function

Base for smuggling operations


Partially burned down

19 Gruden' 6831
Radei Lopukh (the Burdock)

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