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Princess Botagöz

The princess is the daughter of Amir Çengiz, ruler of the city of Udyn. She has been confined at the top of a tower in the Udyn citadel, though it is not clear at whose behest. Rumor has it that the princess never smiles, and that the Amir has offered a hefty reward to anyone who succeeds in getting her to do so.   Lokan was the principal companion interested in doing so, and he requested help from Zinovii in getting him an audience. Zinovii did write a letter of introduction to the princess, stamped with the seal of the Grand Prince. The letter has never been presented to anyone to date.   Yuri has however seen the princess. He was taken to see her while being imprisoned at the citadel by vizier Ilyas ibn Umar. The princess sat by a window, unsmiling, and told him of a vision she had about Udyn being destroyed by fire from above. It became clear that the vizier did this to stop Yuri from trying to chase down and kill the fire-breathing serpent Yaqub, who apparently holds his betrothed and other women from Vladykino. The princess' visions have a reputation for coming true, he told him, and he does not have the luxury of ignoring them. The princess' sadness seems to be linked to her visions.   Botagöz remains confined in the tower, as far as anyone knows.   She appears in Chapter 13.

Current Location
Dark brown

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