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Nieces of a hostel owner

These are three girls who were introduced to Lokan, Alden and Yaakov by the hostel owner of a hostel in the Nart Quarter as his nieces after they said they wanted companionship for the night. One was a blonde, one a redhead, and one had dark brown hair. Originally, Alden voiced a preference for the redhead, but she ended up going to Yaakov. The physician inspected the girls to see if they carried diseases, and declared them to be clean, though Alden and Lokan were skeptical after he claimed the girl Alden wanted. Nevertheless, all three companions had relations with them, and the brown-haired one slept with both Lokan and Alden. The girls were all gone by morning.   As far as anyone knows, they still live in the Nart Quarter, and work at the hostel.   They appear in Chapter 13.

Current Location
Nart Quarter

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