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Mother Nadezhda

Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

This priestess was the confessor of Taras Trofimov, and is still attached to the Trofimov family in some capacity. She was introduced to Katarina's suitors by Taras' nephew, Dem'ian, when they expressed an interest in learning about the uncle's death. Mother Nadezhda told them that Taras was tortured by guilt regarding his connivance with the Kochmak raid on his own village of Trofimovka, in order to benefit his own benefactor (probably Baba Yaga). For this information, she elicited a promise from Plamen to donate 1/3 of his share of the treasure for her chapel. She also told Chonkorchuk that Hegumen Yaakov was born to the sole survivor of the raid, 9 months after it took place. Plamen never fulfilled his end of the bargain, however.   Mother Nadezhda is a small, hunched woman, quite venerable, and with bad eyesight, but she is still a shrewd operator when it comes to the needs of her service to the Lord.   As far as anyone knows, she is still living at the Trofimov Fort.

Current Location
Trofimov Fort
4 feet 10 inches
under 80 pounds

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