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Khariton, a servitor and hustler

Khariton is Norik young adolescent, 13-15 years of age. He is a servitor at the Holy Veil Monastery in the Nart Quarter outside of Udyn, and a playmate of Agapia Anfisova. When he is not tied down with duties at the monastery, he looks for various other ways to make money on the street.   He was discovered near the gate to the Nart Quarter by Alden Gravenitch, who paid him several days' wages to find a fortuneteller. The fortuneteller turned out to be Agapia, who was then hanging out at the bathhouse. After that, Khariton found the party a tavern to eat at, and ran to fetch Hegumen Mitrofan when Yuri Barolov told him he was looking for someone to buy his cow.   Khariton is still based at the monastery.   He appears in Chapter 8.

Current Location
Nart Quarter

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